How Can I Update My Avast Antivirus for Free 2021?

If you select it from several vendors, you may have to pay the upgrade cost, but not with Avast. You have two options to choose from to update.

Additionally, you can apply for an update manually by simply downloading Avast 2021 software. Open Avast and go to Settings, then go to Update. Go to the Application tab and check if your Avast software is outdated or not.

When it is obsolete, a message will appear in front of you that a new variant of this application can be obtained.

avast subscription renewal

2. You also have the option to perform an update using the system tray.

3. Right-click and click Update.

4.Then you need to click on the application.

5. Avast may also show a yellow popup with information about a brand new version of the app and an immediate update button today.

6. Then to update my avast antivirus free 2021, you need to restart the computer program.

7. Click the button when the update is finished downloading.

Do not use Avast after restarting your computer. It will also show you some consumables related to Avast products, such as a 20-day free trial, as well as other details related to the program update. If you want to close this screen, you can certainly do so with Avast Antivirus.

After completing the procedure of updating my Avast antivirus free 2021, you will learn how to run Avast antivirus on the newest version. This can be achieved by visiting the settings and correcting them. Now you will not receive any messages regarding available updates. However, the button for this update will likely be there.

Ways to Avast Subscription Renewal

Registration with Avast antivirus is not mandatory as the first free permission is triggered when setting up the antivirus. After your license expires, you must allow the application to restart. Instead, you can follow the simple steps below to run the permission manually.

Before following the steps below, make sure that the latest version of the antivirus program is installed on your personal computer.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

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