10 Programing language will help you to become an AI Developer in 2021

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Programming Language is the most important concept for virtually or even in every field whether it be Internet Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, or any other. And, each year, we see the way the ranking of these Programming Languages changes according to their demand & fame among the developers. Meanwhile, you need to be upgraded with these most recent trends and lots of Programming Language to stay active in the tech market. But there are hundreds of Programming Languages available around the globe, how to pick out the best one?

No worries, we've made it easier for you according to several standard reports and investigation, we have compiled a list of top 10 Programming Languages that are going to rule in 2021. let's take a look at these programming languages-

together with the requirement for AI skilled

Artificial Intelligence offers businesses and application developers a whole world of possibilities. AI has brought about a revolution in the tech world, with it rising and hoping to achieve human intelligence.

Why we need Programming Languages for AI Developers

It's because programmers can find, innovate, and adapt their own ability to satisfy organizational and human needs. Where do you start if you would like to learn the most in-demand skill?

Top 10 AI Programming languages to become AI Developer


Python is an interpreted language, and it is called that because it moves through an interpreter, which transforms your code to the language understood by your computer's chip.

Due to the simplicity and ease of use, Python deserved an Opportunity to be in the listing for Programming languages such as AI Developer.

Python's syntax is extremely straightforward and can be learned fast. This makes it very straightforward to execute AI algorithms inside.

Python has been contributing to the market with its counterintuitive support and pre-built libraries (like NumPy, Pandas, Pybrain, and SciPy) which help accelerate AI growth.

Top features of Python

It is easy to use

Interpreted and cross-platform

Free and open-source


GUI programming support

Dynamic memory allocation


Java is an extremely versatile, robust, and transparent vocabulary encouraged by various libraries. Java is also quite user-friendly, easy-to-debug, and runs via apps without engaging in additional recompilation.

The Java-code can be conducted on any Java-supported platform with its Virtual Machine technologies. Artificial intelligence does have a great deal to do with search algorithms, genetic programming, and artificial neural networks, which makes it one of the perfect options for Programming languages for AI Developers.

Top features of Java

It is simple and easy to use

it's an object-oriented speech.


Julia is a high-tech, effective, and dynamic programming language. Although it's a general-purpose language and can be used to write any program, many of its attributes are well-suited for numerical computing that's required by AI.

Top attributes of Julia

It's quick and lively

It is reproducible

It is composable

It's open-source

Offers asynchronous I/O, metaprogramming, debugging, logging, profiling, a package manager


Lisp is among the most appropriate languages for AI development. It was introduced by the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, in the year 1958.

It can process symbolic information successfully. Lisp could be represented as a mathematical notation for computer applications. AI programmers frequently turn into Lisp to get a series of AI projects which are ML centric.

LISP is famous for its outstanding prototype capabilities using automatic garbage collection along with the simple dynamic evolution of new things. It's an integrated development cycle for assessing expressions and recompiling functions or files when the program is still operating.

Top features of LISP

It is machine-independent

It an iterative design methodology

It provides high level debugging.

It is an object-oriented speech.

It's expression-based.

Gives a Comprehensive I/O library.


Scala comes from the JVM family. Scala is a relatively new terminology in the AI domain. Recently many companies and start-ups have incorporated it into their business, enabling it to gain some recognition.

It is excellent for projects that require versatility. It combines the benefits of functional and imperative programming models while functioning as a strong tool that helps to create exceptionally competitive applications while harnessing the strengths of an OO approach. Developers from all over the globe like Scala because of the many features it has to offer you.

Top features of Scala

Sort inference.

Singleton object.


Case classes and Pattern matching.

String interpolation.

#R Language

R is among the most effective languages and environments for statistical manipulation and analysis of data.

In addition to being an open-minded and general-purpose language, R includes several packages, such as RODBC, Models, Class, and Tm that are also being used in machine learning. Numbers form the cornerstone of ML, and AI and R are popularly known to revolve around statistics a lot.

R is regarded as similar to the popular statistical applications SAS and SPSS. It is suitable for data analysis, visualization, and overall statistics. But, compared to Python, it is less versatile but also more specialized.

Top attributes of R

It is free and accessible

it's robust and highly extensible

Powerful data handling

It supplies a storage facility

Integrates using C/C++, Java, Python, etc.

It's platform-independent


Haskell is a general-purpose, statically typed, purely functional programming language. It was developed in the 1990s with non-strict semantics.

Haskell is being used for research as it supports embedded domain names, which play a huge role in programming language research and AI.

Haskell is perfect for dealing with abstract mathematics because it enables libraries to build expressive and effective AI algorithms. learn, for instance, uses routine algebraic structures such as modules and monoids for expressing and speeding up basic ML algorithms.

Top attributes of Haskell

It is a functional language


Statically typed

It's simple and cost-effective

Lazy language


Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language, Rust is syntactically like C++ and provides memory safety without using garbage collection. Rust is perfect for Stack Overflow's yearly programmer surveys for the past 4 decades as the most popular and most loved language that fills the void which can be located in other languages.

The newly open-sourced Verona Project also uses Rust principles, an emerging language that will allow Microsoft to securely maintain legacy C and C# code.

Mozilla Research defines Rust as a"systems programming language which focuses on speed, memory safety, and parallelism."

Top attributes of Rust

Zero cost abstraction.

Pattern fitting.

Move semantics.

Guaranteed memory safety.

Safe memory space allocation.


When we talk about programming languages for AI programmers, this language stands next to Lisp.

Efficient pattern matching, tree-based data visualization, and automatic backtracking are some of the language's attributes. These attributes offer a remarkably strong and versatile arrangement for programming.

Prolog is commonly utilized in medical projects in addition to the production of AI systems such as experts.

Top attributes of Prolog

It's a declarative language

It utilizes the language of predicate calculus.

It manages lists and recursion naturally.

It is an object-oriented language.


MATLAB is a proprietary multi-paradigm programming language and numerical computing environment that is introduced by MathWorks.

The usage of Matlab is suggested for complex mathematical functions. Matlab offers AI capacities like Caffe and TensorFlow. It can help you to incorporate AI into the whole workflow.

In a feeling, even without machine learning knowledge and experience, it is possible to work around AI with MATLAB. You can use applications and easily play with many approaches.

Top features of MATLAB

It is a high-Level language.

Interactive environment.

Managing graphics.

Mathematical functions library.

Application program interface (API).

It supplies built-in graphics.

Final Words

intelligent human thinks

But you have to select the ideal language for your AI jobs as an AI Engineer. It's ideal to learn about each language individually and then understand if those will work in your favor.

Additionally, the selection of programming language for AI depends on a variety of chief factors. First consider your business type, whether you are just getting started or have a setup, how the market appears, who your clients or customers are? what difficulties you want to fix and what your goals are?

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