Exploring the Charms of Italy for School Ski Trips

School ski trips to anywhere in the world can be great fun and enjoyable for all, but perhaps those to Italy may have a certain additional charm. Here are just a few reasons why.

Italian ski resorts

Italian ski resorts such as Andalo may be relatively large by Italian standards, but they may still be seen as being pretty homely compared to some others in countries such as France or Switzerland. In the case of Andalo, it comprises just over 1000 permanent inhabitants and is located in the Trentino area of Italy. It also sits within a national park area, which has helped to protect much of its stunning countryside. Verona, Venice, and Bolzano airports are all within easy reach and the resort offers excellent snow availability during the season. However, it is also well equipped with snow machines just in case the weather is a little too good to be good for skiing! The opportunities here are typically regarded as being excellent for beginners and intermediates, but there is also some ideal for those who are (or consider themselves to be) more advanced skiers.

Folgaria offers another top alternative for school ski trips and is only about 15kms away from Andalo. This is a slightly larger, and perhaps typically 'livelier', resort than some others in this part of Italy, but even so, it retains a quiet and laid-back charm. Once again, excellent skiing is available and this resort has a rather better-known reputation for being able to develop skiers at the beginner level.

It is sometimes difficult to put into words, what makes Italian resorts different from those in other countries. Perhaps it is the charm of the people or simply their down-to-earth approach to enjoying life - whatever it is, it certainly makes for memorable and fulfilling school ski trips.

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