Bringing the Best of Video Marketing To the Social Networks

It isn't easy today for companies to talk about digital without talking about social networks. Whether as a promotion or sales tool, their use has become widely used in recent years, and we can now, with a little hindsight, analyze their trends and best practices.

If Facebook, and to a certain extent Twitter, reigned supreme not long ago, today we have to rely on other key players such as Instagram, Snapchat, or even LinkedIn, which has struggled initially to democratize.

What the Statistics are

With 1.79 billion users in 2017 on Facebook and 600 million on Instagram, companies quickly understood that it was essential to integrate a Social Media strategy into their digital strategy and bring your brand to life on social networks.


Even if a brand has a large community on social networks, this will not prevent its publications from going utterly unnoticed in its followers' news feed if they do not quickly grab their attention. Except on Twitter, a post composed only of a text will drown in the flow of information circulating. Under these conditions, posts' visual aspect has taken on a whole new dimension on the internet. That video is now the preferred format: video marketing and social networks are inseparable.

The reasons behind the success of video marketing on social media

Beyond the general interest of the video that we covered in a previous article, we will focus here on their use across social networks.

Since Facebook, followed by LinkedIn, has implemented automatic reading in the news feed, videos now have a little more time to capture the audience's interest (around 3 to 4 seconds of viewing). On top of that, users can choose to watch the video just by stopping on it without having to click anywhere. This technical advance has increased viewing time on Facebook tenfold and thus enabled the development of video as a communication medium on social media. It should also be noted that 50% of the networks are used from smartphones, which once again reinforces the visual dimension of publications: An article can be trying to read on a smartphone as well for the comfort of the eyes ( small screens) than about reading conditions (transport, waiting rooms, office, etc.) while a video or an image adapts much better to this style of viewing.


The same goes for sharing. A video has a 12x more chance of being relayed than a text, and if there is an advantage to communication on the internet, it is interactivity and virality.

In recent years, the number of videos has literally exploded on social networks, and especially brand videos. According to the IRS, they accounted for 34.4% of expenditure could blicitaires the video segment in 2017, while they accounted for only 8% in 2015.

Video interview and motion design

How long for videos to optimize video marketing on social networks?

A third of Internet users stop watching a video before 30 seconds, and only 20% remain after the minute. Therefore, the videos must be short and go very quickly to the essentials while hooking from the first viewing seconds. Videos must be vertical to be easily read on smartphones.

software content

Video: what content to publish on social networks?

Any company that offers a product or a service can address in the video at least two fundamental aspects. On the one hand, the way to use the product or service you offer, and on the other hand, the arguments of its users.

Beyond these two aspects, here are the three most common types of content on social media:

The tutorial

Quite simple to achieve, it is a format that can be used by any type of business. It will allow you to “educate” your audience by responding to a specific need or request that your customers have expressed. Example: How to use the product concerned, why use it, etc. The important thing is to share part of your knowledge for the benefit of Internet users. If the video meets a need, it should naturally find its audience on the internet.


The most common type of video on Facebook, teasing videos can quickly make your audience's mouth water. They have the same characteristics as a classic trailer but must be even shorter (30 seconds max). It is the preferred format for communicating around an event, releasing a product, or a significant change within the company.


This is the best format if you are looking to bond emotionally with your customers. Whether you adopt a humorous tone or, on the contrary, you seek to move your audience, you will be able to expose the aspirations of the company and share the passions that drive your brand. It's a fairly subtle but extremely effective marketing approach when the storytelling is relevant. The most cited example concerns the Oasis Facebook page, which has nearly 3 million subscribers. She owes them to her numerous photomontages and her humorous videos, which feature animated fruits, often in situations in reaction to the news. The public engagement and the virality of the publications really made the brand's success on the internet.

It's essential to keep in mind that video on social media (except for tutorials) needs to engage and appeal to emotions to create engagement and be relayed.

If you would like to learn more about integrating video marketing into your digital strategy, you can contact us and tell us about your projects. All our teams are at your disposal to discuss with you and answer your questions.

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