Special Cross Connection colocation Toronto

cross connection colocation in Toronto

Right Connectivity at the Right Price

Nuday Datacenter has multiple diverse path dark fibers from its Toronto North datacenter to Downtown Toronto 151 Front St.

Nuday POPs in 151 Front St :

151 Front St. Suite 402 – Aptum Technologies

151 Front St. Suite 602a – Cologix

Our carrier-neutral data center or (network-neutral data center) is a brand new datacenter in Canada, which offers the lowest cross-connect fee to 151 Front St. in Toronto.

We have had no infrastructure downtime (0 minutes) since the operation started. Slab-to-slab cement walls, 2’ raised floor and under-raised floor cabling are some of the key features of the data center.

Nuday is premium colocation data centre facility located in the northern part of Toronto in the city of Markham. Nuday has a premium Multi-homed designed network directly peered with major content provider networks such as Amazon, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Cloudflare and Akamai.

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Nuday Networks

Cross Connection Colocation Toronto

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