6 Mobility Aids for the Shower: All You Need to Know

Walking into the bathroom for having a relaxing bath might be a usual activity for many. But this is not the case for people with mobility difficulties. Even a primary task like taking a shower can be rigid or hazardous for physically impaired persons.

mobility aids

Mobility Aids for Shower

Shower Seat

Bath Lifts

Walk-In Showers

Tap Turners

Bathroom Safety Rails

Toilet Booster Seats

1. Shower Seat

shower seats

All the seats are easy to clean with a simple wipe, and above all, it creates a safe environment for a bath.

2. Bath Lifts

Physically impaired people might find it challenging to get in and out of a bathtub. Bath lifts are the solution to overcome such difficulties. They come in various designs, which can easily fit into several bathtubs. It is a power-operated lift usually attached to the wall. The user can lift and lower themselves into the bath by pressing a button on the hand-held remote.

Bath lifts are easy to use and help a person get in and out of the bath without help.

3. Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are entirely free of doors and offer a brilliant showering experience. These are very stylish enclosures. The walk-in showers include a foldable seat for the user to sit on, which reduces the risk of falling. They come in a wide range of variety, from rain showerheads to the steam bath, and look beautiful in any bathroom.

The tile tends to clean quickly and doesn't hold sludge-like others. Also, you do not have to deal with the shower curtains that need to be changed often.

4. Tap Turners

With the increasing age or reducing mobility, your agility to perform tasks or the grip tends to decrease. The tap turner can be a useful solution for turning the tap on and off effortlessly. They come in a variety of sizes to fit all kinds of faucets. Also, many turners come in colour-coded handles to quickly identify it.

5. Bathroom Safety Rails

Do you have a fear of falling while having a bath or you struggle to stand up after using the toilet? Having safety rails in your bathroom is an excellent choice in such situations. Such a rail attaches securely to the wall to grab it quickly to get up or use it for support.

Seniors can use the rail for support without any assistance from a family member or caregiver. Such grab rails are foldable or fit permanently to your bathroom walls.

6. Toilet Booster Seats

Are you facing difficulty in standing after using the toilet due to its low height? Use specialised seats to raise the height of the toilet seat for extra comfort. Such seats make it easier for the user to stand.

This aid is also a cost-effective way to fulfil the requirement. Replacing your toilet can be an expensive task that includes the cost of plumbing, flooring, or labour. This is why it is a great solution.

End Words

The above aids create a safe environment in the bathroom for people with mobility issues. A bit of research and advice can make life easier for such people. Also, check out various options and take action to make your life or loved-ones easier.

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