Students Are Fast Filling Up the Grad Course Seats at KIIT Ahead Of 2021


As per the critical statistics provided by the World University Rankings in 2021, each member of the faculty attends to 12.7 students per academic year. Furthermore, 3% of international students are pursuing degrees in both undergrad courses. While the gender ratio of the university's student strength stands at 48:52 for females to males, they have 21,668 FTE students.

The KIIT University is well respected for its foray into the engineering degree program, which started in 1997. As the new academic year is all set to begin in 2021, the educational institution plans to offer both undergrad and postgrad degrees in engineering programs. While the undergrad course takes four years to complete, the postgrad courses require just two years.

As mentioned above, the B.Tech program at KIIT is a four-year professional engineering program, where the engineering students are educated about theoretical and practical skillsets. Much like the course's name, the program is mostly technology-centric and requires the students to gain skill-based education. The KIIT Dean, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Patnaik, has previously said that industrial visits and internships are a compulsory component of B.Tech programs.

The undergrad options for engineering students include civil engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering(automobile), electrical engineering, electronics & telecommunications engineering, computer science & engineering, information technology, electronics & electrical engineering, electronics and instrumentation, aerospace engineering, mechatronics engineering, production engineering, electronics and computer science engineering, electronics, and control system, communication engineering, medical electronics engineering, computer science & communication engineering, computer science & systems engineering and lastly, chemical technology.


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