What Is The Difference Between Lash Lift and Lash Perm?

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Lash Perm:-

Lash lifting and lash perm are two identical treatments for eyelashes. The lash perm is best suited to women with long eyelashes or women with wide or open eyes. It is an old technique that coats the lashes with adhesive. It wraps around the heatable clips or cylindrical rods. While on the other side, lash lifting uses a similar solution like a perm but not the heat.

Lash lift:-

A lash lift kit includes different types of speed bump rods for creating different curls. Lash lifting is the treatment that makes your lashes semi-permanently curled for weeks. The results are achieved with the use of a cylindrical rod and a setting solution. For curling the lashes, the setting solution was applied after wrapping the eyelashes around the cylindrical rod.


A lash lift kit is known for producing slightly diverse results to that of the lash perm. In a lash lift, the lop lashes are attached to a silicone patch on the eyelid and are combed into place. Later on, an eye-safe setting solution is applied to the patch. This setting solution helps to break down the eyelash bond and allow it to change shape.

Lash lifting last longer than a lash perm. It is a perm for the lashes that helps to shape eyelashes into the perfect eye-opening curl. The results of a lash lift kit are much different from a lash perm. The silicone pads in a lift kit help to lift the lashes from the root and thus give a lengthy and brighter eyes look.


Where the treatment of lash perm sometimes irritates the skin and also gives a reaction, there a lash lift procedure is totally painless. Within 45 minutes to an hour, you get amazing results with this lash treatment. No doubt, lash perm too takes a similar time, but the results are less effective than a lash lift.


A lash lift does not require any maintenance or special care. Depending on the individual lash growth cycle, the results of an eyelash lift last for around six to eight weeks.

Commercial or non-commercial:-

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