5 Type Of Pillow Boxes To Make Your Packages Stand Out

Custom pillow boxes

These boxes are rare, but they are becoming increasingly popular with retailers and gift shops looking for alternative or unique packaging for their stores and products. These are produced by only a few American manufacturers and are available in white, natural Kraft, red, and black. However, these can be manufactured in a wide variety of custom colors with minimal quantities. These boxes utilize eco-friendly cardboard built from recycled household materials and water-based inks.

Here are some types of these boxes:

1.Corruguated Boxes:

For the success of a product, a strong packaging is not just enough because no matter how sturdy it is, no customer will ever look at the product when it has no charming shape. Pillow shape is the very trendy and famous shape of packing boxes that is why we introduce these boxes in corrugated material. You can add anything like colors, graphics, and logo on your custom printed corrugated pillow. The corrugated box is more suitable for heavier products. A solid impression of your product will cover the customer's mind. Wrap yours produces in the custom pillow corrugated boxes at low prices while keeping the highest standards of packaging quality.

2.Pillow packaging with handle:

With a particular easy clutch handle and perfect pillow shapes, the Custom Handle Boxes are perfect for many retail products. From baked foods to boxed gift items. These boxes with handles are made from durable cardstock materials. Die-cut box beautifully customized fancy printing makes our boxes retail eco-friendly. Custom-free design support is available that helps you get the best designs with free shipping in the USA. Packaging that provides ease and convenience to customers is ideal. Boxes already give easy handling and usage.

3.Pillow Custom Kraft Boxes:

Choose a Kraft pillow box for a complete eco-friendly packaging solution. Kraft paper is fully recyclable and recyclable. The white and brown Kraft boxes are quite affordable. But you can leave the usual colors with bright and bold colors. Fulfill your obligations and opinions of your customers by adopting custom Kraft pillowcases.

These boxes consist of a soft, feather-covered inner layer. That is why this padding is light and unusually soft. In return, the sleeping cabin is rewarded with a pillow that is breathable and comfortable. However, despite these desirable properties, down pillows require a lot of fluff to maintain their shape.

4.Pillow gift box:

Today, many gift ideas revolve around personal care. That is why a gift box with a pillow is a good idea if you want a gift for your friend or partner. You can get large pillowcases if the person receiving the gift is not a fan of smaller gifts. Businesses can also source large pillowcases and sell them to hold many things. The boxes are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Black pillowcases are all the rage because the combination of black against any color is quite impressive. You can also get a window pillowcase as a gift. If the gift is beautiful or shiny on the inside, the recipient can see it through the window.

5.Cardboard boxes:

Cardboard is the most robust and durable solution compared to other alternatives. Cardboard boxes are not sustainable, but they are also durable. These boxes are a perfect solution for food, clothing, and email. Cardboard boxes are quite cheap and easy to get. You can also get these boxes for quite a low price. These boxes are usually plain and brown in color. But you can customize the boxes with your brand and logo. Color, fonts, patterns, and images are other options for customizing boxes based on the product or event. Custom pillow cases attract maximum appeal and help you increase product sales.

Benefits of pillow boxes:

These pillowcases are a very practical piece of furniture, especially for houses with small rooms. They are mainly used for children's rooms or to accommodate small chairs in your living room. There are numerous pillowcase designs and styles to choose from to bring comfort to your living room.

You can place one next to your sofa or your beloved chair and it will certainly make a great addition to your interior. So here are some ways you can enhance the look of your pillowcases and make them more attractive.

Enhance the appeal of your pillowcases - Try using color to accentuate the look of these simple little packages. To give it a brighter look, you can go for colorful pillowcases printed with captivating images. You can even use vibrant colors like red to make these boxes look more attractive and attractive.

You can also opt for another pillow packaging such as pillow Kraft boxes printed with animal patterns or any design you think will suit the look of your home.

Use Different Boxes and Packaging - There are a wide variety of boxes on the market that you can use to wrap your pillow. You can purchase corrugated cardboard boxes or you can choose from a variety of luxurious style custom boxes. In addition to all this, you can also go to the baskets. For a more modern look, you can opt for recycled basket cushion boxes. You can even choose a packaging solution for a bamboo pillow box.

Create a Whimsical Look - Many companies use PVC beads as the base packaging material. If you are in favor of PVC pearls, you can create a unique look and feel for your packaging. To create a more modern look, you can even go for clear pillowcases.

In addition to protecting your belongings, these clear boxes are a perfect piece of wholesale pillowcase. For an attractive look, you can also consider using cellophane wrapping material.

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