Repair your PS4 tips

An accident, a mistake, and your little piece of technology does not work well: you broke your phone. Unfortunately, repairs can be very expensive, and quotes can be doubled. So, we will give you our advice to repair your smartphone without breaking the bank!

Get your phone repaired using a warranty or your mobile insurance

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If, however, your smartphone has exceeded its warranty period, or the damage is not covered by the manufacturer or the purchasing platform, the best solution is to use your mobile insurance if you have taken out a contract with an Assurance company: in the event of breakage oxidation, it can cover your repair costs and save you from unforeseen expenses.

Take your phone to a specialized repairer

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Prices can vary from one to three times, depending on the model of your laptop

Opt for an online repair service

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Take your device to a specialist

If you are not comfortable with the idea of having your smartphone repaired remotely, there are many specialized chains. These offer walk-in consultations, but you can also set up a quote online and then drop off your mobile phone at the store nearest to you.

Repair your phone yourself

If you have the soul of a handyman, and you think that you are never better served than by yourself, you can embark on the adventure of smartphone repair! However, keep in mind that your device will no longer be under warranty once you have repaired it. If you have decided, however, there are many online platforms offering solutions for a smooth home repair.

Invest in a repair kit

To repair your phone properly, you need to use specific tools and parts that vary depending on your device model and the damage sustained. Today, some reputable websites. sell turnkey repair kits. You can order the spare parts, but also the screwdrivers, cleaning tools, and tools you need. If you opt for this system, plan a budget of 70 to 100 $ for a quality kit.

Check out tutorials before you start


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