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executive recruitment in Bangkok

Creates job description

The recruitment company takes note of the size of your firm, work culture, and hiring needs. Once the recruiting teams know the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for the position, it is time to define the job and invite candidates. Accordingly, the recruiting team prepares a comprehensive job description to get applications from the right candidates. The job description contains detailed information about the role, responsibilities, educational requirements, compensation, perks, and benefits.

Screening and Shortlisting

The job description is often advertised internally for referrals and externally on social networking sites. Recruiters may also conduct employment fairs, display on job boards, and promote openings in leading industry publications to attract potential talent. On receiving a long list of applicants, the next step is to search for the right talent. Recruiters will go through the potential targets and cross-check whether they qualify for the post or not. They may use talent mapping, sourcing tactics, or other recruiting strategies to narrow down the list of high-potential executives.

Identifying the right talent

During the talent hunt, the executive search firm conducts interview sessions, review the resumes, and evaluates the outlined details. Before presenting the shortlist of qualified candidates, the recruitment firm conducts a basic background check to verify their qualifications and background. Eventually, they work with you to narrow the potential candidates to bring down the numbers to a minimum. At the final stage, the recruiters will conduct thorough reference checks. They also give their opinions about each candidate. In this way, you can select the best candidate and finalize their salary package.

An executive recruitment Bangkok company acts as a mediator to fulfill the needs of clients and job seekers. An effective hiring process will simplify, streamline, and speed-up your recruitment process. If you want to meet your staffing needs, consider working with an executive search recruiting agency.

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