Stylish DIY Home Ideas to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro

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DIY home decor Ideas

Try adding a mirror to every room:

wall decoration items.

Repaint your dressing table:

Make your dresser look chic and attractive by adding a new color to it that reflects your personality and also matches the color of your room. Get away from the boring brown color of the wood and add new life to it by painting it in white with golden borders and knobs. Use your artistic skill in bringing out the best.

A happy and vibrant gallery wall

Though it's not a new one but surely the most admired one when it comes to decorating the wall with your favourite pictures. Creating a polaroid gallery wall with pictures that are cut in a square can enliven the wall especially if the pictures are from some special occasion or from a memorable vacation. It's a traditional idea but works most of the time.

Bringing nature inside your house:

Plants can make any part of the room look lively. They not only add a positive effect to the room but also can help in building your mood. There are beautiful indoor plants available in the market that you can add to your rooms. You can hang those plants in the planters or add it to the corners to enhance the look. Aloe vera, English ivy, Indian basil, spider plant, dracaena, areca palm, red aglaonema, rubber plant, anthurium, peace lilies and more to add to the beauty of your house.

Decorative vases:

Add decorative vases to your home to amplify the look of the house and these vases can be simply made at home by using empty jars or mason jars. You can also go for old wine bottles. All you need to do is to use your favourite color and paint it, then you can further use seashells, pebbles or create different patterns by using other decorative materials. This not only adds a personal touch to your house but also provides warmth to it.

Add shelves to your wall:

Small shelves of geometric patterns are the next best thing on the list that would add a little glamour to your plain white walls. To make these shelves all you need to do is to use popsicle sticks to add the fashionable touch to your walls and you can further decorate them by using small decorative items or a photo frame.

Paint it right:

If you have an artistic bent of mind and you know how to paint it on the canvas then what are you waiting for? Just get some canvas of different size and paint it the way you want. The most popular among all is the feather painting. All you need to do is to paint a beautiful design of feather on your canvas and put them right on the wall. Apart from that abstract painting is another form of art that can do wonders to your room. Multiple bright hues on the canvas make the walls, as well as the room, look bright.

Wall hangings can be a great option:

More colors mean more brightness. Making a wall hanging with bright color yarns can cheer you up as soon as you will wake up. Just mix the hues and make it look beautiful by making a contrast. You can also make wall hangings with dyed wooden sticks into a beautiful shape, seashell wall hangings, dried flowers and twigs can be made use to prepare one, or you can also go with tassel twigs or string wall hangings into beautiful shapes.

Twine wrapped bottles:

You must be having many old bottles at home and you generally throw them out. Why not use them and turn them into something creative. You can use a twine or jute string and wrap them around and add your creative side to it by decorating it. You can just use them as decorative pieces or vases.

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