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A company has a Mobility Master (MM)-based solution. A network administrator wants to monitor data transfer speed

ranges of all currently connected clients. Which dashboard page in the MM interface should the administrator visit?

A. Security

B. Performance

C. Traffic Analysis

D. Network

Correct Answer: C


An Aruba solution runs ArubaOS 8 and uses a standalone controller architecture. Which feature can administrators use

to optimize the channel and power plan for the APs?


B. Rule Based Client Match

C. AirMatch

D. AppRF

Correct Answer: A


A customer has a large campus that requires 400 Aruba 335 APs to support a total of 10,000 wireless users and

12Gbps of traffic. Although the customer wants two controllers for redundancy, each controller must be able to support

all of the APs and users on its own. Which Aruba Mobility Controller models meet the customer requirements and DO

NOT unnecessarily exceed them?

A. Aruba 7024 controllers

B. Aruba 7210 controllers

C. Aruba 7240 controllers

D. Aruba 7030 controllers

Correct Answer: B


What does an Aruba Mobility Master (MM) do before it deploys a configuration to a Mobility Controller (MC)?

A. It encrypts the configuration to be deployed and backs it up to a secure archive.

B. It obtains the current configuration, encrypts it, and backs it up to a secure archive.

C. It synchronizes the configuration with templates on Aruba AirWave.

D. It removes any commands that are not supported on that MC or have dependency errors.

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.

A company has a Mobility Master (MM)-based solution with a guest WLAN. During the captive portal redirection, users

who access a non-HTTPS Website see the error shown in the exhibit. How can a network administrator prevent this


A. Enable automatic CPSec certificate deployment.

B. Replace the default Mobility Master certificate with a certificate that has the correct hostname.

C. Replace the default server certificate for mobility controllers with a certificate signed by a trusted CA.

D. Reconfigure the guest WLAN to use EAP methods that rely on passwords rather than certificates.

Correct Answer: C


Which task can an Aruba Air Monitor (AM) perform?

A. Analyze wireless traffic patterns at the application level.

B. Optimize RF through the AP channel and transmit power plans.

C. Analyze RF signals to determine the cause of non-802.11 interference.

D. Help to detect rogue APs in the environment.

Correct Answer: D


A company has an Aruba solution that is monitored by AirWave. Several users have recurring connectivity and

performance issues with their wireless clients. How can network administrators use AirWave to minitor these clients

more easily?

A. Specify the clients as Watched Cliesnts and view the tables and graphs for these clients.

B. Click the Down icon in the Airwave banner to quickly see a list of issues with client connections.

C. Use the Client > Tags windows to tag the client for periodic checks and analysis.

D. Run Device Summary reports and filter for the client MAC addresses within the report.

Correct Answer: B


A company has an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution. Where can network administrators look to monitor the

health status of all controllers, APs, and clients?

A. the top banner

B. the MM Maintenance pages

C. the Performance dashboard

D. the Potential Issues dashboard

Correct Answer: A


A company deploys a wireless network in a typical office environment with many surfaces where the signal can bounce.

Which 802.11 technology uses the characteristics of this environment to increase wireless speeds?

A. Channel bonding

B. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)

C. Transmit Power Control (TPC)

D. QAM modulation

Correct Answer: B


What is one networking setting that a network administrator can configure for roles in an Aruba solution?

A. DHCP pool

B. ClientMatch rules

C. source NAT

D. bandwidth limit

Correct Answer: D

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