There's much less inflation when the classic wow gold

Considers the story being pushed is his and not mine.

classic wow gold

Admins of just one big pserver were caught selling gold/ranks. It got ruined after this, shutting down their income for a short time. So I think it's not all the other pservers"didn't get caught" - that they just don't do so, it's too risky. There are ways to profit a pserver without alienating the playerbase by the dishonest stuff.

Ye, I may be idealistic, but I do believe there exist adequate people. There also exist individuals passionate about the game. There also exist individuals who are comfortable with their business model who will not cheat for larger gains.

I also saw the quantity of effort they put into bugfixing, core development, banning bots, general support.

The two things were always so much more energetic than in Classic... You really shouldn't hate on them in case you do not know the circumstance.

Personal servers are Free and consequently can ban at will.


Believing and posting otherwise is harmful to every real player who only needs the game to be not ed up. Be real with people, make them know up front what type of business blizzard is. It's not necessary to lie and pretend they will resolve any major problems.

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