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I am more than sure that almost every one of you is familiar with the "SPlayer" player, which is available on Google Play. So, not everyone knows that the developers of "SPlayer" have a free application for watching movies, which is called "CineHub"

CineHub apk

Advantages and disadvantages

This item has already become a blog tradition, so you can decide whether to install this application. I will not list each button, but only describe the obvious advantages and disadvantages of this cinema. Let's see why I recommend it and say it's worth your attention.

Advantages of the CineHub app

• Simultaneously adapted to touch screens and Android TV (supports remote control) • Well optimized.

It works fast even on weak devices.

* Requires Android 4.2 and higher (Can be installed even on a prehistoric device).

* Uses many sources and is independent. If suddenly, one of the sources is blocked, you will still have something to see.

* Has many filters, for easy and fast search. Also, there is a possibility to choose according to the ratings of "Kinopoisk", etc.

* Has a built-in launcher (loader). If you don't like the menu of your TV BOX, this app can replace it.

* Pulls up comments/reviews of films from various sources. Now you will not be fooled by the beautiful description of the film.

• It is possible to view the torrent files.

* Flexible application and interface settings.

* Built-in player and there is synchronization. I've never seen anything like this before. You can start watching a movie on one device and continue on the other.

* Convenient features, such as: voice search, browsing history, favorites,

Disadvantages of the app


• For some functions, you will need to purchase the PRO version of the app. For me personally, this is not a disadvantage, because I believe that every work should be paid.

* Outdated design.

As you can see, these shortcomings are from the series when you need to find fault with at least something. In fact, the CineHub app has been working for a very long time, and there have been no failures during all this time. This is a great app that I recommend to everyone.

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