Know About the Key Differences in Android And iOS App Development

Mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. As per stats, 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day. It’s no wonder that having a mobile presence has become imperative to survival.

So, if you have a brand and you want to scale your reach then a mobile app is going to be your need.

The constant development in mobile technology has led to unprecedented growth in the number of mobile devices being used all over the world.


1. Programming Languages Used


IOS has induced the latest development into its programming languages list by adding Swift.

Comparatively swift is faster, easier to code than Java. It allows iOS apps to be developed faster with the Swift programming language.

Android on the other hand launched JDK in providing a wholesome environment for app development.

2. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) availability

At the start, android presented developers with an Eclipse tool that was the Integrated Development Environment(IDE).

mobile application development.

iOS platform developers use Xcode for application development providing a highly productive environment for building apps for all iOS-based devices.

3. Operating System Implementations

Screen & Resolutions:

iOS focuses on a retina display resolution termed as the best resolution available, android devices on the other hand comes at various resolutions raging in high-resolution clarity.

UI Interface:

Menu Bar:

Home/Back button:

4. In-Demand for Audience

Both the platforms have their audience base and compete to provide the best of services to their audience. If talking about the stats android holds a major reach with its larger audience size.

Android devices come in budget segments whereas iOS devices are comparatively higher in price and thus a large mass is unable to afford an iOS-based mobile device.

5. Monetization Marking

The Huge popularity and growing demand amongst the audiences have kept the inflow of Applications in the respective Google Play Store as well as Apple Store.

The Applications under android are dependent on their monetization with the earnings via ads whereas the applications under iOS apps monetization earning reflect on the in-app purchase.

6. Complexity in Development

The Operating System fragmentation is a greater differentiating factor in comparison to coding language development.

Under android, there are a large number of devices with differing compatibility that are functional covering fast-paced as well as medium to slow-paced OS operability.

iOS has a limited number of devices and thus its fragmentation has a constant offering of majorly well functional and fast-paced devices.

7. Fast-Paced Development

Android with its complex development architecture and integrations makes it a time-consuming task for the developers to create an application. Based on the estimate android applications take 30-40% longer to build than an iOS-based application.

8. Cost Analysis

Certain factors define the cost of development for a mobile application development these factors include business requirements, choosing the right platform be it Android or iOS, opting for a trusted development company.

The cost estimates keep on fluctuating due to the rise in the time of development. More time needs more money.

9. The Deployment Saga

The deployment process for both Android as well as iOS distinguishes from one another. For deployment of an Android App in the Google Play Store is based on an automated testing procedure that requires less time in comparison to the iOS app to be deployed in the Apple store as it follows the procedure where the professional experts check upon and verify the Apps hence leading to increase in the time of deployment.

With android, if your application encounters some errors then it allows you to submit another version whereas in iOS the risk pertains for the App to get rejected.

10. Market Dominance

Smartphones, Tablets, PDAs are the devices that have been running under the Android and iOS operating systems. The market cap of collective devices sold under them is above 7 billion with around 4.5 billion smartphones being sold across the globe. However, a large share of 55-60% of devices is running on Android.

How to Choose the right one: Android Vs iOS

Post going through and knowing about the differences that exist in developing both the related mobile application architecture respectively of Android and iOS. We have taken some key takeaways on the same.

If you are looking for starting up the development of your mobile application then iOS is the best suitable option with fast gaining revenue and lower cost of development.

If you are looking for a larger market to spread your app reach to the audience then Android development is what you shall opt for.

Under iOS development, you gain a significant learning curve right from start.

Android application development comes with more challenges for and also sources are less for profitable in-app earnings.

If your audience is based out of an emerging market under mobile technology then developing an android app is a far better step as it allows you to grow your reach.

The Conclusion

When opting for a platform to develop the mobile application it is highly recommended to be well aware of the different aspects of the available development architectures in the market.

It allows you to be more specific in your requirements and helps you to develop a well-planned mobile application for your business.

Although numerous companies are available for mobile application development a leading organization that has significantly worked on creating some of the best mobile apps in both Android and iOS for enterprises under the domain of Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail is Hashstudioz Technologies.

Hashstudioz Technologies under its expert team of skilled developers in Android and iOS can help you out in the development of a leading mobile app for your enterprise. You can reach out to know more about the company and explore the opportunity for your mobile application development.

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