Teen Top members take summer vacation

Pictures of Teen Top members on summer vacation are currently attracting a lot of attention. On July 12, Teen Top uploaded some pictures of themselves on their me2day and Twitter accounts and said hello to their fans. Cheonji uploaded a picture of himself in a friendly pose with 100%’s Minwoo with a smiling face and commented, “I’m taking summer vacation a bit earlier than others. Our fun, cheerful, and delightful summer vacation stories will be released in this week’s episode of Teen Top’s Popularity 100%.” Niel uploaded a picture of himself comfortably lying on a wood chair and enjoying the sun, covering his face with a fedora, with the comment, “I’m taking summer vacation a little early. Here’s a question from me. What’s the best way to enjoy this hot summer?” Niel soon gave a witty answer: “The answer is watching Teen Top’s summer vacation stories that will be released in this week’s episode of Teen Top’s Popularity 100%, eating cool watermelon.” People responded: “Teen Top and 100% look so good together!! Cheonji and Minwoo seem alike.” “Niel’s so witty to give such an answer.” “I’m so excited about Teen Top’s summer vacation stories.” “I feel so depressed after seeing Niel’s legs because his figure is so nice.” Teen Top and 100%’s summer vacation stories can be seen on SBS MTV’s Teen Top’s Popularity 100% on July 14 at 9:00 p.m. Source: Xportsnews via en.korea.com

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