f(x)’s Victoria likes chicken brain and cow tongue

f(x)’s Victoria recently drew a lot of attention by telling people about her unique tastes. Victoria, 2PM’s Nickhun, and Robert Harley appeared in the July 11 episode of MBC’s Radio Star under the title of Korean Dream. In the episode, Nickhun said it’s hard to eat bean-paste soup prepared with ground fermented soybeans and the small intestines of cattle. Victoria, however, surprised the entire crew by saying, “My favorite is chicken brain. There’s not very much but it tastes like tofu. I hold the chicken head and eat the brain.” Victoria added, “I also like fish eyes, pig skin, and cow tongue.” Nickhun and Victoria received considerable attention by appearing on the show together after they appeared on We Got Married. Source: Money Today via en.korea.com

Expat living in Seoul. Love spicy food and Korean drama. Sống và làm việc theo pháp mình :>
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