Viral Dashboard Review

In this Viral Dashboard review, we are here to help you understand about the product plus its best usage case. Whenever you have any tool online, without a deep understanding about software usage case, you have almost no door to success. So, we publish ViralDashboard review to show you the best combination you can think of when using the tool from Cindy Donovan and Devid Farah.

1.Viral Dashboard Review - Use It First

Before using, you need to integrate your social account at first.

After that, connect your blog to avoid login into multiple accounts manually.

And Youtube, Vimeo & Motvio are place you want to upload video. For those who are running an ecom store, they can make your store viral by sharing their product listing directly on social media.

With the software, you can syndicate content into various plattforms at the same time.

And it imitates something from IFTTT, it's about when you publish in one channel, then, another channel will get published automatically.

After that, what you need to do next is to post content, discover content on social media plus the blogging plattform. Thanks to that option, now, you gain more free traffic automatically into your account and even into your Google Analytics account.

2.ViralDashboard Review - Use with Motvio

Why i recommend this upgrade, well, that's because Motvio is a software also sold by Cindy Donovan and Devid Farah. You can upload video into Viral Dashboard but before you do that, you need to integrate your Motvio account by doing the simple login.

However, you can only upload video, you can not edit the video player or embed video as a popup if you don't visit the Motvio dashboard.

In fact, this software allows you to make a video popup embed. To increase your video click through rate and play rate, you need to upload a click-bait thumbnail, i recommend using Thumbnail Blaster.

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4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
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