Guidelines For Food Quality Certification in India

Food is the fundamental centre of survival, making it highly significant to assure that the quality of food we consume is always adequate. In countries like India, where the food industry has always been at the top of the chain, but still can not guarantee proper Quality control. It is essential to introduce a food safety system that is reliable and efficient. 

What is Food Quality Certification? 

FSSC stands for Food Safety System Certification. The FSSC 22000 is a set of regulations that sets up standards for the food industry to maximise the quality of produce from farm to fork. Food Quality Certification is crucial for countries like India, where the government is inefficient at ensuring food quality. 

ISO 22000ISO 9001

Benefits ofFood Quality Certificationin India 

Being an ISO 22000 certified organisation has its benefits. FSSC 22000 is not just a certificate you will hang on your office wall, but also offers unmatched perks.

Increase Trust and Reliability- 

The Indian population is becoming more and more cautious about their safety when it comes to food. FSSC 22000 is the seal of trust which will make your brand trustworthy and reliable among your consumer base.

Improved Overall Management- 

Implementation of the FSSC 22000 guidelines make the internal processes and system more consistent and highly efficient at risk management.

Laws and Regulations

Government, as well as private agencies, are getting serious about food regulations. There is no harm in preparing yourself for strict quality standards and regulations that will be mandated in the coming years. 

How To Get Food Quality Certification in India 

ISO or GFSI do not issue certificates like the FSSC 22000 on their own. Many agencies are recognised and authorised to plan and conduct audits on their behalf and grant these certifications in India. 

Food Quality Certification in India.

Original: Guidelines For Food Quality Certification in India

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