Why Suction Feeding Plates Are Good for Babies

Babies are messy—every parent knows this. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to teach babies to be more carefulespecially around food and fragile objects. Like all moms and dads out there, you simply have to wait until your little ones are older and can understand simple requests. For now, you just have to find tools to help make feedings time less challenging. The good news is that there are new and improved baby feeding tools in the market today—and they are genius.

You have probably heard of silicone bibs and silicone snack cups, but have you ever triedsuction baby plates? They are absolutely amazing. The suction cups at the bottom of these plates ensure that your baby can’t push them off the table. They’re specially designed to help parents todeal with a messy eater. They also make eating more fun and hygienic.

suction baby plates

1. They’re made of the best materials.

These plates come in a wide range of materials including bamboo, plastic, and even stainless steel, depending on where you buy them. However, one material stands out: and that’s silicone. Arguably the best material for baby feeding, silicone is the perfect combination of stainless steel’s durability and bamboo’s safety. Plus, this material is so much better for the environment than plastic.

2. They’re safe for every baby.

You never have to worry about your baby’s safetywhen you use silicone suction baby plates. They’re 100% food-grade and BPA-free, ensuring that your child is safe from harmful toxins. They’re also impossible to break.

3. They help you avoid big messes.

It can be super challenging to prevent spills and splashes when you’re dealing with a fussy baby. All you can really do is to minimize the mess—and suction baby plates can help you do exactly that. They stay stuck on almost any surface so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off the table or high chair and onto your floor. Some suction grips are removable, so you can still use the plate when your baby is bigger and is no longer a messy eater.

Buy your suction baby plates from reputable online retailers now. You can choose from several exciting colours, like purple, yellow, and pink!

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