Five Science Fiction Movies You Can Watch on YouTube Free

Project Moon Base

This sci-fi classic in the 50's is located in 1970. Within this free YouTube movie, the United States in considering building a base on the moon, and sends a tiny team of three to investigate. One an affiliate the crew is truly a foreign spy who puts the entire mission in jeopardy.

Judge Dredd

Sylvester Stallone plays Joseph Dredd in this particular movie regarding a dystopian future the location where the justice system nowadays continues to be replaced by a gaggle of enforcers, called Judges. Judges behave as law enforcement officers, juries, and executioners up against the advanced crime that resides in the megacities of "Cursed Earth."

Time Cop 2

Time travel movies, if done efficiently, are actually excellent science fiction. This is certainly among those movies. Brandon Miller, a Time Enforcement Commission operative, believes bigger a duty to alter events ever to generate a better world, but changing history is against the rules. Another TEC operative, Ryan Chan, sets out to end Miller before it's too late.

Journey to your Seventh Planet

This sci-fi movie, released in 1962, occurs in the year 2001, an idealistic "future" where man has been able to get rid of serious amounts of space, and it has solved the complex mysteries of space travel. After Earth sends a team of five astronauts to Uranus, but find surprise climate that resembles that of their very own world.

The Sixth Day

Another popular Schwarzenegger movie, this science thriller classic is all about clones. It occurs in the near-future, where dolls are nearly as realistic as actual humans, and dogs might be cloned to avoid making children enjoy the grief on the lost pet. Schwarzenegger's character, Adam Gibson, returns home one evening to find a man seems much like himself, within his home. I cannot spoil the ending, but you can check it out yourself by clicking the link.

Should you have a favourite free YouTube movie, twenty-four hours a day post it from the comment sections. Thanks for any free sci-fi movies, YouTube!

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