Reseller Hosting. Find Out More Before You Leveraging It!

Most hosting providers offer reseller hosting package as well. You get an allocated amount of disk space and bandwidth in the hosting account in the reseller hosting plan. It can be split and sold again to the different hosting buyers and individual hosting plan. In effect, a reseller purchases the hosting space in bulk and sub-divides then in small individual accounts that reflect the different clients. The reseller account allows the reseller to create their brand to the package without letting the original hosts come to fore. The main idea of this form of hosting is to provide individual web hosting services to smaller clients, along with the reseller service and support. For a web designer, it can be an efficient solution. Ecommerce entrepreneurs who need many domains, with each having their access portal can benefit from it.

Is It Same as Shared Hosting?

Windows Plesk reseller hosting,

How Can You Benefit from Subscribing to Reseller Hosting Plan?

Buying web space in bulk is cheap. As a reseller, you can profit by selling many smaller clients while having a few accounts of your own to run your websites. You can offer your services and support package to the end-user. It could in the form of site-maintenance and setup, design, promotion and marketing or SEO content. The reseller doesn’t have to be concerned with the physical maintenance of the server.

Why Would Someone Buy from Reseller Hosting Provider?

Your client benefit by picking and choosing customized packages than those offered by the root host. The end buyer has access to his control panel. If you decide to offer managed WordPress hosting accounts, the client would then deal with the WordPress dashboard. Your client may decide how much they would like to get involved with the hosting. If you offer a fully-supported site, they are better off with it.

Should You Go for Reseller Hosting Plan?

Suppose you are a web designer with your design lab. The client would be coming to get the website designed and then get the website hosted to create their online presence. Such clients need a designer and host, and if you could offer the service, there is a value addition. So, as a reseller hosting provider, you could also offer in-house, one-stop package. As a reseller, you can add value to the basic web hosting package with your expertise and experience.

As a webpreneur, you may own small web-based businesses which need help. You could give the work to other professionals who would need to give the details of the control panels. It will help you to focus on the strengths and nurture each business properly. The regular tasks of maintaining the websites can be given to the professionals or the freelancers.

If you are internet marketer, you would have the specific know-how of a particular industry or niche. You may be having channels to find clients within niche using your network. You can get new clients and set-up customized portals for them which is suitable for their needs. Once they are set-up, you would gain from the monthly hosting plan and find new clients.

Thus, reseller packages allow you to use the full space as per the plan, or you can also sell it to the different users at the desired prices. With this form of hosting, there are fewer hassles. All you should be concerned about is the amount of space you want to give your customers their website. You must consider the needs of the customer to help their business grow.


Windows Plesk reseller hosting offers you an opportunity to become start a niche web-based business. The opportunities are immense once you have understood the benefits of this hosting plan.

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