Transshipment shelf - essential equipment in industrial warehouses [2021]

Medium sized shelves are tools to store and arrange goods in a warehouse with a small average weight. Enterprises apply for their warehouses with the desire to arrange goods, manage import - export becomes easier.

1. Structure and size of the feeder shelf

The intermediate shelf is manufactured from imported iron (steel), covered with a powder coating. The general structure of the shelf includes: pillars (omega legs), beam bars, horizontal bracing bars, cross braces, floor surface.

- The omega pins use mostly 50 × 50, 50 × 55, 50 × 60 (mm).

- The shelf legs are connected together by bracing bars.

- The parts are firmly assembled by bolts, screws for easy disassembly when forced. ZP high profile beams 60,65,70,75,80 or H40x60, H40x70, H40x80.

- The corrugated iron plate is edge bending and powder coated to withstand good force.

- Floor using corrugated iron or industrial plywood.

- In addition to the beam bearing the floor support, the manufacturer has added support bars below the floor to increase the rigidity of the shelves.

- Load bearing capacity of shelf from 200 - 800kg / floor.

- Average height of shelves is from 1500 - 3500 (mm).

- Width from 500 - 1500 (mm).

- Length from 1000 - 3000 (mm).

=> The size of the shelf can be changed according to your requirements.

2. The reason for this is because it helps to help trust the transit shelf

- Shelves are powder coated to ensure no rust, fade.

- Size, color are designed according to requirements, giving you a variety of choices.

- Shelves are designed and assembled so that they can be easily disassembled when needed.

- Large storage capacity, can reach 900kg / 1 floor.

- Extensive storage of different items for many business lines.

- Integration with forklifts, trolleys to transport goods.

- Help to expand warehouse space.

- Investment with reasonable price range, long life.

3. Popular models of intermediate shelves

To suit the needs of customers, the distributor has launched two types of intermediate warehouse shelves to help users have more choices.

Type 1: Transshipment shelf to floor surface

This intermediate shelf model uses the floor to store goods, goods will be arranged directly on those floors. Floor surface is usually made of corrugated iron or wood (depending on the type of goods you store to choose the right floor).

Type 2: Transshipment shelf - Longspan shelf

Medium-shelf longspan racks have the same structure as conventional medium-load shelves. The difference is that instead of using the normal floor, you can use the dividing bars, or the floor plate is a mesh ... the shelf has a higher load-bearing structure than usual because of the use of beam. H40x70 or H40x80.

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