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Power-weight and cruiser style boxing are the two types of boxing that are practiced widely around the globe. Power-weight boxing involves explosive and high impact moves and delivers a full force blow on the opponents when the match starts. The target of power-weight boxing punches are the arms, legs and chest of the opponent. In cruiser style boxing, punches are delivered by stepping into the opponents, and delivering quick punches to the ribs, face, stomach or chin.

Referees are present in boxing matches and work with a red flag to indicate that a boxer is out cold, having just been knocked out or even biting the corner of the opponent's mouth during the match. The referee stops the match when the red flag goes up. If the bout is stopped due to the referee's warning, the bout will be restarted one more time using the standing or neutral position of the boxing ring, where the referee will again stop the match. The referee may also dismiss a bout if there are too many fighters present, there is too much activity in the ring or if a boxer is seriously injured. A boxer not able to continue can be declared a lose by the match officials.

Boxing bouts are generally one to three rounds with ten rounds being deemed a main event in professional boxing. A title defense can either be held at a hotel or even outside the United States for the world boxing council to decide. A fighter can only be declared a winner once all the rounds have been completed. The winning fighter is then declared the "world heavyweight champion" and receives a share of the purse money as well as additional pay per fight. Additional awards can be given to top ten finishers but typically only the top eight are nominated.

Boxing bouts are not regulated by the United States Department of boxing and are not governed by the world boxing council, although they do have their own rules and standards. They do however, have guidelines set up for the proper boxing attire worn during the bout including what boxing shoes to wear. They also have standards set up for proper ringside behavior including what kind of gestures and physical contact can be made during the course of a boxing match. In professional boxing matches, the boxer who wants to win wears the winner's belt which is a golden colored metal ring adorned with diamonds. In amateur boxing matches, the bout usually consists of two boxers who will engage in one round of boxing before the judges score is given and the winner is the one who has the largest number of points.

Professional boxers will all agree that the proper boxing accessories are crucial to the sport. For example, if you want to box professionally, you are going to need special boxing gloves that have extra padding on the inside, front and back. These special gloves can also come with various sizes and can have different handles to make gripping the hand grips more comfortable. Gloves come in various weights so that boxers can utilize their gloves according to their individual weights.

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