Honda Scoopy engine oil is only 650 ml, is it true that the life of the lubricant is short?

Honda Scoopy is the third product to use PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) 's newest engine . Not only is it compact in size, it also contains less engine oil volume than the old Honda engine. So, does it affect the service life of the lubricant?

To note, their latest generation 110 cc eSP engine was first embedded in the Honda Genio . Furthermore, a similar platform was also applied by Honda Beat . Because both carry a similar cubication, it is only natural that in the end they are also paired with the Honda Scoopy.

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You can see that the machine has a smaller size. This also has an impact on their ability to drink lubricant, where the three of them are only able to drink 650 ml of oil. While the old Honda engine was loaded with 800 ml. Even though it's a little, it doesn't mean that this will affect the service life of the lubricant.

As stated by Endro Sutarno as the Technical Service Division of PT AHM, the new engine was designed for performance and fuel efficiency. "The oil is indeed reduced. However, this new design makes the oil circulation better. So, it also optimally lubricates all parts of the engine," he said.

In fact, the small capacity does not affect the service life of the lubricant. In other words, the determination of oil has been adjusted to the needs of the engine itself. After all, in practice the recommended service for Honda Scoopy is no different from most Honda scooters. There are at least four times regular maintenance that must be done.

Honda Scoopy Periodic Service Guide

Similar to Honda Beat or Scoopy, periodic maintenance for Honda Scoopy starts at 1,000 km or the first month of use. Here your Honda Scoopy engine oil must be replaced. This activity is very important because it also plays a role in cleaning the remains of post-production machine components.

Honda Scoopy engine oil changes must be done regularly.

Likewise, when the vehicle's odometer reaches 4,000 km. Changing the engine oil must also be done again in multiples of 8,000 km and 12,000 km. Of course, not only oil is concerned. Especially for service at 8,000 km, the repair shop recommends engine oil to be accompanied by replacement of spark plugs and axle oil.

Regarding the type of lubricant, this Honda Scoopy uses AHM Oil MPX2. When I saw it from the list of supporting product catalogs at Honda Cengkareng, the product was sold at IDR 45,500. Meanwhile, axle oil and spark plugs are marketed for IDR 15,000 and IDR 21,000, respectively.

Checking CVT components is usually done when you are serviced to an authorized repair shop.

When you are serviced to an authorized repair shop, the mechanic will also check the CVT section. This is also important considering its important task of translating the output from the engine to the wheels. For this part, you will usually be charged a service fee of around IDR 35,000.

Can you change the Honda Scoopy engine oil yourself?

You can do regular service, especially changing engine oil yourself at home. However, there are a number of things that need attention. As mentioned earlier, the Honda Scoopy engine oil capacity is 650 ml. While the default lubricant manufacturer has a volume of 800 ml. "Pay attention to the engine oil dipstick that reads 0.65 L," said Endro again.

He said, don't let the dose exceed the upper limit of the dipstick. "If it reaches more, it can cause leaks because there is a damaged engine seal. Furthermore, oil will leak and cause wear and tear on engine components such as piston rings for example. Moreover, most oil also makes the engine work heavier," said Endro.

Honda Scoopy has a unique design.

Why Should You Buy Honda Scoopy?

The All New Honda Scoopy, which was launched last November 2020, offers several novelties. The nature of retro design when it was first born, is still poured into this latest generation. Call it an oval headlight. The lighting itself uses a type of LED projector model. Here also has integrated a daytime running light (DRL) of a similar type.

The new Scoopy differentiator appears in the turn signal presentation. Yes, being made apart is no longer united like the old Scoopy. The affirmation of the retro element is clearly visible in the taillights. The shape is also rounded with separate turn signals like on the front.

As for the engine, there is a slight decrease in performance. As previously mentioned, the Honda Scoopy now carries the latest ESP engines such as the Honda Beat and Genio. The diameter and stroke of the piston and the compression ratio are set to the level of 47.0 x 63.1 mm and 10.0: 1. From this concoction, Scoopy is also able to carve a power of 9.0 PS at 7,500 rpm and torque of 9.3 Nm @ 5,500 rpm. Thanks to this engine, the Honda Scoopy is also claimed to have increased fuel efficiency. Currently, the record reaches 59 km / liter.

The novelty from him is also seen in the design. The steel enhanced Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF) was also adopted. Not only has an impact on weight loss. It also allows him to be fitted with a 4.2 liter capacity gas tank. The most significant impact, the trunk under the seat of the Honda Scoopy has a capacity of 15.4 liters.

Other conveniences such as the availability of a console under the handlebars are still available. However, in the pocket with the lid on the left, it is now equipped with a USB port to recharge the device. Especially for the above variant, there is a smart key system (Smart Key System) with remote completeness with the Answer Back System and Anti Theft Alarm features.

But also keep in mind. The Honda Scoopy is the only 110 cc Honda scooter that is priced at the most expensive. At Honda Cengkareng, the Honda Scoopy is sold at a price of IDR 20,517 million to IDR 21,317 million.

Price List for Honda Scoopy 2021 Jakarta & Tangerang

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Although relatively expensive, Honda Scoopy does not offer a unique presentation of transportation advice. The design is certainly fresher than its predecessor. Moreover, it was followed by the development of a new frame embedding. That treatment also had an impact on his baggage offer, which was 15.4 liters.

Likewise with the machine. Honda Scoopy inherited the new engine that was used by Honda Beat and Genio. Even though there is a decrease in performance, the fuel efficiency has actually increased. However, you are also obliged to pay attention to periodic maintenance. Indeed, there is no correlation because the oil capacity is less than the old Scoopy. After all, this has been adjusted to the size of the machine itself. Also pay attention to the filling, so that it is adjusted to the dosage and don't be late for an oil change.  

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