What's Diverticular Illness?

Diverticular Illness is a gaggle of circumstances that embody diverticulitis, diverticulosis, and diverticular bleeding. Diverticular illness impacts women and men at comparable charges and the danger of illness will increase with age – particularly for these over 40. Populations in developed international locations usually tend to have diverticular illness.

Key Definitions – Diverticular Illness


Diverticula / Diverticulum

Small pockets that type within the wall of the bowel. Diverticula is plural (multiple) and Diverticulum is singular (one pocket).


The formation of diverticula within the lining of the bowel. Diverticula may be small (pea-sized) or bigger. The formation happens due to elevated strain from fluid, waste, or fuel on weak spots of the bowel wall.

Diverticulosis is frequent however hardly ever causes signs or issues throughout a affected person’s lifetime. It’s discovered most frequently throughout a check for different causes like a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy.


When a number of diverticula develop into contaminated or infected. This happens most frequently when waste blocks the small pockets which permit micro organism to multiply and grow to be an an infection.

Diverticular Bleeding

When a small artery in a diverticulum breaks into the colon. Diverticular bleeding is normally painless and causes bleeding from the rectum. Sufferers may even see maroon or vivid purple blood throughout bowel actions.

Diverticulosis Signs

Sometimes, Diverticulosis has no signs. It’s attainable some could really feel tenderness within the space or expertise stomach cramping.

Diverticulitis Signs

Signs of diverticulitis embody:

Painful cramping which can persist for days. Usually ache is felt within the left decrease stomach.

Tenderness within the decrease stomach

Nausea / Vomiting

Fever / Chills



It is best to see a health care provider when you have persistent, painful stomach ache. Schedule an appointment.

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