Points to remember before you rent a sound system

lighting & sound equipment

They include having conflict with prior bookings, hidden fees, or misunderstandings which happen because of the fine prints that are normally on the rental contracts. If you are thinking of booking a sound system for rental, the following points might be what you need to keep in mind if you want the rental to go on in a smooth way. They include the following:


It doesn’t matter your expertise in choosing a sound system provider, you should ensure that you give them heads up before the beginning of the event. You have to remember that, before the event starts, it should be at least two days before, and not the eve to the events day.

You could be an expert as far as organizing events is concerned. Your service equipment provider might have other bookings which fall on the same time and date as yours. And even if they try their best to manage and get a room for your booking, they require time of taking care of the fancy requests or the customization that you are looking for.


It is possible that you could be having an estimate on the amount the rental for your sound system is going to cost. But you need to take a look at the pricing of your rental company and their strategy as far as the pricing is concerned. Most of the rental providers for sound system do require that you place a deposit before the event day. Depending on the vendor’s specifics, the deposit might go up to 50% of the agreed rental fee. You have to remember that, there might be cancellation charges which you should be aware of plus if it is possible for the deposit to be refunded.

If you are thinking of various events in the near future, then chances are that, you have to save money through booking for the events in a single go from the same provider of the sound system. You might have a better discount if you do so.

Inclusion in the equipment

You should always ensure that you know what should be included in the sound system you are about to hire. You have to aim hiring a sound system provider who will offer you with all the equipment that you need. It will be helpful knowing and having a list of what you should expect as a guide like the following:

· Mixers

· Mic receivers and microphones

· DJ mixers and the turntables

· The CD players

· Speaker stands and speakers

· The power amplifiers

· The monitor speakers

· Keyboards

· The PA systems

· The snakes and the cables

In house alternatives

If you are sure that you require a rental for sound system or you prefer the in house system, you need to make the decision in advance so that you do the costing and get it right.

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