How to Delete an iFunny Account? Deactivating an iFunny account?

What is an iFunny Account?


How to Delete an iFunny Account? Deactivating an iFunny account?

A little info About the Company

iFunnyApril 20139.3 million



Several humorous frames.


Make your life to be extra enjoyable with many humorous frames.

sharing photographs with a social community.

Users can find friends within the remark sections.

Users can share posts with friends through quite a few social networking choices.

Users have discovered this app very useful in spending time and fascinating themselves for laughter functions.




The spam filters could be concurrently trigger-happy for normal customers and cannot maintain our spam accounts.


You’re not the one who has free speech, people can argue with you freely.

Hard to get began on the app.

Pornographic images, bullying, and drug references.

Many registered customers need to deactivate or delete their iFunny Account permanently or temporarily because of one purpose or the opposite, it could be the difficulty of fraud, lengthy trip, or that the person doesn’t need to be online once more for the purpose best recognized to her or him.

Whatever the explanation, in the meantime, it’s apparent some no longer believe the social giant, and I maintain listening to the identical query again and again from my reader.

How to Delete an iFunny Account?

Currently, there are two methods to delete your account from iFunny, which are given below.

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