Uses of a PPE Kit

PPE kit

Medical Professionals

The dangers of getting exposed are much higher in a hospital setting, as hospitals are filled with COVID-19 infected patients. In such scenarios, medical professionals need to take full protection to ensure their safety.

Using a PPE Kit becomes even more crucial in such settings. It should include the whole range of protective components covering the whole body.

Frontline Workers

There are many people working at the frontline like policemen, security guards, cleaners, and other essential care workers. There’s a risk that they may too get exposed to the virus. It is imperative that they cover up the majority of their body to avoid any kind of contamination.

Other People

The virus spreads by getting in contact with an infected surface or body. It may also spread via breathing in droplets of a person’s coughs or sneezes. The general public should at least consider wearing masks, gloves, and face shields as per the situation.

If you are out in a place with very few people around at an adequate distance, you can consider wearing just a mask. But if you are in a little or more crowded area, consider covering up yourself properly.

How to DON & DOFF a PPE Kit

We must wear PPE Kit correctly while working in potentially contaminated areas and take it off safely. below are the guidelines to don & doff a PPE correctly before entering a patient’s room.

Donning a PPE Kit

Gather all the PPE gears to put on. 

Sanitize your hands using a hand sanitiser.

Put on the coverall gown. Tie all of the ties on the gown. Take someone’s assistance if needed.

Put on NIOSH-approved N95 filtering facepiece respirator. Use a facemask if a respirator is not available. Respirator/face mask should cover both your mouth and nose properly. 

Put on a face shield or goggles. Face shields provide full-face coverage. Goggles also provide excellent protection for eyes, but fogging of the lens is common.

Put on gloves. Gloves should cover the cuff (wrist) of the gown.

Healthcare personnel may now enter the patient room.

Doffing a PPE Kit

Remove gloves. Ensure glove removal does not cause additional contamination of hands. 

Remove gown: Untie all ties (or unsnap all buttons). Reach up to the shoulders and carefully pull the gown down and away from the body. Rolling the gown down is an acceptable approach. Dispose of it in trash

Healthcare personnel may now exit the patient room.

Perform hand hygiene.

Remove face shield or goggles. Carefully remove face shield or goggles by grabbing the strap and pulling upwards and away from the head. Do not touch the front of the face shield or goggles.

Remove and discard respirator (or facemask if used instead of respirator). Do not touch the front of the respirator or facemask.*

Respirator: Remove the bottom strap by touching only the strap and bring it carefully over the head. Grasp the top strap and bring it carefully over the head, and then pull the respirator away from the face without touching the front of the respirator.

Facemask: Carefully untie (or unhook from the ears) and pull away from face without touching the front.

Perform hand hygiene after removing the respirator/face mask and before putting it on again if your workplace is practising reuse.

Is PPE Kit completely safe? Things to keep in mind

Even if a PPE kit ensures complete safety, there are still chances that you may get exposed in a hospital setting. So you should keep in mind to take other safety measures to minimize the chances of contamination. 

Avoid patients, visitors, or staff who have or have been exposed to COVID-19 entering hospitals without reason.

Ensure regular hand washing and personal hygiene.

Manage patients with known or suspected COVID-19 entirely separately from those without it, through isolation or cohorting.

Cleaning regimens with a minimum twice daily decontamination of surfaces and equipment.

Minimize unnecessary patient and surface contact during patient care.

Best practice of donning, doffing and disposal of PPE.

Reusable equipment should strictly be decontaminated after use, as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

Appropriate waste management.

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