Tips for Building a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Medical Equipment

Medical and hospital equipment has drawn the attention of many people since the outbreak of the coronavirus. The competition is really fierce, and if you want to stay in the market, you have to think of an efficient way for marketing.

Social media marketing might be the best means of increasing your sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have a brand n this field, you’d better read the following tips to increase your marking ROI on social media.

Set goals for your medical business

Before embarking on this new marketing career, you need to define determine what exactly you want. It’s highly recommended that you set a set of goals that are:






With a SMART set of goals, you’ll be able to devise an optimized plan for your medical social media activities and avoid wasting time and money.

Here are several typical social media goals for a business related to medical equipment:

Building a community of customers, general practitioners, and specialists

Reaching out to new potential customers

Driving traffic to your website

Appearing as a niche thought leader

Categorize your target audience

Finding niche-relevant audiences and converting them into potential customers is key to win the competition in digital marketing.

Every brand should focus on the group of people who are most likely to be in need of the brand’s products/services. Providers of medical equipment are no exception and should reach out to the people who need their products.

For example, if you’re going to sell blood sugar testing devices, you have to target those with diabetic conditions.

Try to engage with related communities and online groups to be able to track your audiences and encourage them to follow your social media accounts. Tracking your competitors’ activities on different social channels is another good way to find relevant audiences.

Generate educating medical content

Content is king in social media marketing, particularly for a sensitive high-tech niche like medical equipment.

Many audiences are looking for the newest and truest information about health, medicine, and medical equipment. This might be one of the hottest areas people search for in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So you can take advantage of this opportunity and get the most out of social media marketing by creating quality content.

If you can answer their questions properly, you’ll find the chance to be remembered, and this is the best thing to build an online brand identity.

Here are several tips for content marketing:

Don’t be too promotional

Create a blog on your site and share your blog posts on social media

Visualize your content

Use viral hashtags in your content

Leverage the power of UGC

The truth is that creating informative content can be a tedious task. You need to cover the latest trends without any mistakes and present them in high-quality videos and pictures, and this needs a well-versed content team.

Fortunately, there is an easier and more cost-effective means of acquiring quality content for your social media accounts. User-Generated-Content can be of great use to your content marketing strategy.

For example, you could ask your customers to send you videos of using your devices and teach other users some tips.

With UGC, you can reduce the cost and time of content marketing and encourage your followers to generate content for you and share your posts.

Use social media scheduling tools

Having so many followers on social media is not enough because you need engagement if you want to convert followers into customers. One of the most important factors to get higher engagement rates is to post at peak hours.

This will help you put your content in the eye of more people and encourage them to engage with your post. Using social media scheduling tools is a great way to optimize your posting times and get the maximum exposure possible.

Sympathize with your customers

Remember that because of COVID-19, people are living in a predicament.‎ So you can’t be indifferent and just think about selling your products/services.

Try to understand their situation and put yourself in their shoes. Many of them don’t have enough money to buy your products, so you have to give them a say in these problems and sympathize with them.

This will make them believe that you understand them and they’re part of your story. Try to speak with them at a personal level and become more human in your relationship. This is key to customer loyalty.

Collaborate with niche influencers

No matter what type of business you’re running, influencer marketing can be of great use to your success.

Social media influencers are playing a significant role in increasing the brand awareness of many companies, and medical brands are no exception.

Try to find highly-engaged niche influencers on social media and build a long-lasting partnership with them. The more relevant, the better.

If you don’t have enough budget to work with paid influencers, try to reach out to Nano-influencers. They’re usually customers who are willing to speak about a product if they’re satisfied with the result.

You can ask them to collaborate with your brand in preparing testimonials and spreading the word.‎

Analyze your performance

Even the best strategies can face problems, so you need to analyze your social media performance to know if you’re reaching your goals.

Try to use social media analytics tools to get insights into your results and recognize your best and worst-performing activities.

Engagement rates, impressions, clicks, comments, likes, and many other numbers can help you find your weaknesses and strengths. Using these statistics, you can optimize your strategy and get higher ROI in the future.


Several useful tips to build a social media marketing strategy for medical equipment businesses were presented. To ensure your success, you still need to consider many other factors. Try to study A/B testing on social media, sentiment analysis, different types of brand storytelling, social escrow services, etc.

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