What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that involves the surgeon making small incisions in the top layer of the skin, along creases, and inclosed comedones. The resulting result is skin that is smoother and more youthful-looking. The top layer is removed so that new skin can grow. If the process is done properly, it leaves a very natural look.

A dermaplaning procedure may include different techniques. The most popular is a type of laser treatment. This uses light to kill off the top layer of dead skin cells. This helps give your face a fresher appearance. It is done with the help of a specialized instrument called a "dermabrasion may include" (DIP).

In addition to using a DIP, some dermaplaning procedures use a special tool that plumps up the skin for a better appearance. Sometimes the procedure also includes sutures that are placed beneath the hair to hold it in place while the procedure is in progress. Another type of dermaplaning uses a special trimmer that "nicks" the skin during the procedure. This method results in less discomfort and bruising for the patient. However, it is important to note that the procedure can be painful and is often only offered to those with light skin.

The most common dermaplaning technique is the DIP procedure, which stands for Deep Intense Pulsed Light. During this procedure, the surgeon uses a bright light focused on the area of the face that is to be treated. The light is so intense that it actually causes dead skin cells to flash or disintegrate. This natural occurring process results in a soft, youthful appearance. Unlike a traditional exfoliation procedure, there is no recovery time needed.

When looking at the typical results after a dermaplaning session, patients notice minimal change from the appearance of their normal skin. They may also notice a lighter and smoother feel to the top layer of skin. This is because the top layer has already been treated, so there is no need to work it out anymore. Patients may also notice that their skin's tone looks improved and it is possible for them to see the fine lines and wrinkles under their eyes before they appear.

The benefits of dermaplaning can be enjoyed by both men and women. Both genders can exfoliate safely and without pain. Women who are suffering from acne may find this an excellent alternative to traditional facials. If you suffer from excessive facial hair, you may want to look into a dermaplaning treatment. It may also benefit you if you currently have unwanted facial hair. In addition to treating your skin, it can also increase your confidence.

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