How to Convert PST File to PDF ? [Solved]

– In this query Attachment is the key factor. Exporting attachments to a PDF file is very important. For this reason, manual methods cannot be used, as these methods do not support exporting attachments. In this case, a PST to PDF Converter is a smart choice. This software can convert all Outlook emails along with attachments to PDF file. The file extension of the email attachment doesn't matter here. Here's what you need to do to implement a sane approach to saving PST to PDF with attachments.

Both PST and PDF are popular file types and users need to save PST to PDF with attachments due to different reasons. This conversion allows users to open Outlook email data on any computer, even without Outlook installation. Follow the smart method mentioned here to save PST file into Portable Document File. This approach will let one export the attachments embedded in PDF file. Since there is no manual method, users need to take the help of the automated solution only.

Main Features of EmailDoctor PST to PDF Converter

The software has some amazing features that make the save process smooth and solid.

Advanced PDF Settings:

General Settings:

No Data Loss:

Bulk PST Export:

Advanced Scan:

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