Difference Between 200 Hour And 50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

You can become a yoga teacher or instructor if you want. There are countless options available for your teacher training process. The teacher training is usually a course classified by hours taken to complete the course. These hours can be 50, 100, 200, and 300 – 500 hours, depending on how broad the training is. Certifications often follow the completion of any of these programs. You can choose any duration depending on the knowledge you desire from the training. In this article, we explain two of the course; 200 hour and 50 hour yoga teacher training programs. The numbers indicate one of the differences between these two. Let us discuss them in detail below. 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

200-hour yoga teacher certification

  As the name implies, the 200 hour yoga teacher training contains over 200 hours of study. The breakdown of these 200 hours can be within a month of intensive training or a longer period like one or two years. it depends of the curriculum of the school. It is expected that a good and intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training should provide the students with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them take classes with confidence. Their knowledge should cut across the foundations of yoga anatomy and yoga philosophy. They should also have sufficient practical teaching practice experience. After the course, you can register as RYT-200 level 1 with any Yoga association. 

50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training



Final Words

200 hour yoga course requires 200 hours of intensive training on the fundamentals and foundations of yoga while a 50 hour training course only offers extra knowledge obtained from a 200-hour course.

50 hour teacher training does not offer in-depth insights. Its level of professionalism cannot be compared with the 200 hour training course. 

50 hour yoga teacher training is okay if you want to incorporate yoga elements into your work. A 200 hour training program gives you the chance to be a yoga instructor.


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