5 Ways to Reduce Small Business Burn Out

Nobody said that owning a small business is easy. Even after it is up and running, there are a million tasks that monopolize the brains of business owners all hours of the day and night. Stress is detrimental to your body and mind. If left unchecked, stress can lead to headaches, heart issues, high blood pressure, insomnia and sleepiness nights. It is difficult to work efficiently when you are stressed out, which often leads to a time crunch and, you guessed it, more stress. Stress makes it harder to think creatively and produce inspired ideas. To stave off burn out, pay attention to what causes you stress and implement creative ways to minimize those tasks.

Invest in Management Tools

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Purge and Delegate Tasks

Delegate anything you can

Switch Gears

Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed by a problem, the most productive thing to do is switch gears. It is a simple, proven strategy used by successful people in all fields. Try something routine and simple in order to use a different part of your brain. This is usually when the best ideas surface. Do something tactile. Maybe sort a pile of paper, or flatten some boxes. Anything that gets your body up and moving will relax your muscles and clear your head. Go for a walk with another employee and get their feedback and ideas. Not only will it benefit you, but the employee will feel appreciated and heard.

Structure Your Day

set your priorities and schedul

Acknowledge Successes

It is important to stop and smell the roses. Make sure to acknowledge when a plan works or a big sale comes through. It is tempting to only focus on the problems, so when something goes right, celebrate it. By doing this, you will reduce the chance of burn out for yourself and your employees. Talk about accomplishments just as much as you talk about struggles. A happy workplace is a more productive workplace.

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