Is LPD Interactive Video Wall Display Shaping a New Future?

If anyone said that the majority of a person’s day time will be spent in front of a screen, then no one would have believed that. Presently, an average human spends almost half of their awake time in front of some kind of screen; be it in their home or office. No doubt, the quality and the projection of these screens have improved drastically. Starting from TFT screens to AMOLED or even foldable screens, technology has helped in changing how we look at the screen.

video wall display

1. How Much Energy Does It Consume?

video wall displays

2. What About its Viewing Angles?

video wall

3. Is the Screen Robust?

No matter how good features a gadget offers, if it is not robust, then it will all be put to waste. Laser Phosphor Display is a rolling display, yet it has a strong screen that comes with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate surface. Apart from that, it has a shelf life of over 60K hours making it one of the most long-lasting displays on the market.

4. What More Can It Offer?

People are never satisfied and always crave or more. LPD is the perfect display for all such people as they provide endless features to such people. From a bezel-less display to a unique foldable design, it has all these things that can satisfy the needs of people. Not to forget the interactive options that allow users to interact with the video wall display by using mobile devices, touch, and even gestures.

interactive display

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