Stocknation 3.0 Review

In this Stocknation 3.0 review, we are here to help you understand about the usage case of this tool and the best software combination. There's no perfect tool on the net, and, the existence of a software combination will blaster the benefit of the software to the world and help you make even more money.

The software is in Stock Footage and Video marketing angle, so, the combination should also be in the same angle here.

1.Stocknation 3.0 Review - Use it First

To start, you just need to enter keyword into this searchable membership. I recommend you to prior the video in Premium Mark at first because they are more unique than the video on Pexels and Pixabay. Once you have chosen and determined the video you want to use, then, you just need to download that specific video in mp4 format (in most case, i see they are Full HD video)

For stock image, you can also do the same thing. But, the new stuff we have is the feature to remove background.

And after that, you can also edit an image by adding some text overlay, adding some Emoji, Stickers and a lot other things.

For stock video, you can edit video. Actually, the editor here is simple to understand, you just need to choose the video and then you insert some overlay text. This is easy to use and because it's so easy, you can not design a super beautiful and engaging video.

With that being said, my sincere advice to use is to use other video editor to have better video editing feature (a lot tool like Camtasia 9, Screenflow, Create by Vidello, Record Cash and many more,..)

2.Stocknation 3.0 Review - Use with 10xSocial

This is a FB Messenger software sold by Neil Napier and Robert Emi. This app helps you send personal video message to commenters or basically your FB Messenger leads.

And the video here is your rendered videos downloaded by using Stocknation software.

4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
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