How to Initiate Snapchat Sexting with a new Person

Snapchat Sexting

Snapchat is better known as the sexting app. But nowadays it is also earning respect as a brand marketing tool. One should always try to utilize the app to its full extent, so it was just a little information. But today we won’t get into that, and let’s focus on how you can make the app an ultimate sexting tool for you.

Snapchat Sexting: How to start?

Snapchat is not just limited to teenagers now. Adults have given it a new edge. So now apart from doodling your pictures and sending them to your friends, you can do much more especially in the erotic department that you might have closed before.

So now we are not going to tell you what to sext that you will have to figure out yourself. Here is a little dummy to how and with which feature you can start.

Start your sexting game by selecting the person from your contact list. And you can start with a little intro. Mind you, send a picture (you know what I mean) directly. And start the real sexting once you get thumbs up from the other side as well. There are various methods by which you can send a text which you can check out in the tips below.

Now another question that most people ask is where to find people to sext? You can find people on Snapchat by adding people to the address book, or by entering the exact name whom you want to sext to the contacts. Or you can also take help from your friends, just share your name on different platforms and become Snapchat buddies.

15 Pro Tips for Snapchat Sexting in 2021

Sexting is not bad, but one should be careful while doing it. Sharing yourself with people and sometimes complete strangers can be dangerous. But don’t worry because with these tips you will be sexting in the safest way possible.

Tip 1# The Person on the Receiving End Should be Trustworthy

The first major concern while sexting on Snapchat is trust. You should have trust in the person you are sexting or sending your pics. Because leaked nudes can become a problem. Even though Snapchat doesn’t allow anyone to save your pictures, one can always take a snapshot. I know that you would immediately get a notification if someone does that, but what if they don’t care about it.

Also, there are other ways by which a person can actually save your pictures, say they use their friend’s phone to click.

Tip 2# Set the Stage with Texts

As the word says, Sexting involves texting. So always begin with texts especially when the person is new and you are in the initial stage. It’s always nice to start with flirty messages instead of attacking your crush or partner with nudes. Before you move on to that stage, try to determine their interest and create sexting consent.

You can start a personal chat and tell them how you want someone to share the yummy plate of nachos that you just made. Always and I repeat always send a text before you send anything naughty.

Tip 3# Do a Test Run if you are New to Snapchat

I can understand your excitement if you are new to Snapchat. But then we would suggest you curb that excitement and remember this tip. One of the main risks of using Snapchat for regular texting or sexting is that you can accidentally share your nudes as your Story, or even send them to the wrong person. Yes, there are high chances that you share your pictures with the wrong user because of a one or two-letter change in their name. So what to do?

Firstly, do a test run by sending a picture of your plant or your room and make sure that only the person you want to send it gets it. Also to send snaps just hit the center circle at the bottom of your screen. You will get access to the camera. Now again click the same circle to take the picture. If you want you can edit the picture and add some filters by swiping right. When you are ready to send it, just click on the blue arrow and select the right person.

Tip 4# Always give the Person a Heads-Up before Sending a Nude

Now, this is one important tip about sexting on Snapchat that everyone should keep in mind. There are chances that your partner is not used to getting nudes from you while at work. But if you have decided to go out of the way and try something new, then a little heads-up from your side can save them from embarrassment.

Spontaneous nudes are not welcomed. For instance, even if your partner is always game for hot and sexy selfies, a little text or message can go a long way. Because there are chances that they open your fully nude picture next to their co-worker unknowingly. So a little precaution is always better.

Tip 5# You can Choose a Picture from your Camera Roll

If you are getting the feel of a mini photoshoot, then you can always take pictures using your Camera then send them via Snapchat. Some days we feel like the lighting of our room is pretty cool or on good hair days, you can always take lots of pictures and then share them with the person you want to.

You can also open the app and then click on two rectangles that are present below the camera button, to access the Camera Roll option. You can also access the pictures after opening the chat. It is a fun thing to do while sexting on Snapchat.

Tip 6# Take Not that your Actual Messages are not Saved

In case you are not into sending or receiving pictures, and for you, sexting is sole via written texts then this tip is for you. You would be aware that the text messages automatically disappear from the chat unless you save it by tapping on the specific message

If your chat is being saved by the other person and you don’t want that dirty talk to be preserved, then unsave it and ask the other person to do the same. Then only it will go away.

Tip 7 #Feel it More with Videos

If you like to create videos for your Instagram or Facebook stories, then you can do the same with Snapchat. You can throw in some dirty talk or show you sexy moves by simply making a video.

All you need to do is press the circular button at the bottom and hold it down. It will let you record a complete one minute video just like when you record for Instagram or your normal camera. With Snapchat, you can always play with your vibe.

Tip 8# Make Cropping your Friend

I know that sending nudes or pictures that are personal can get awkward. If you too feel have that weird feeling of sending pictures having your face in them then you can always take photos strategically. Yes, you can take a picture specifically of your body cropping out your face.

And if you have a tattoo or a birthmark then leaving these details will be only a plus point for the person at the receiving end. Frankly, receiving a picture of even your knee showing too much or too little is enough.

Tip 9# Smash the Block Option Whenever Needed

If you are receiving unsolicited messages or nudes from an unknown person, then you should go ahead and block them. It is no less than harassment and so it is advised that you block the person in the first go.

There is a Friends section in Snapchat, from where you can find the person and swipe right. Then choose the Block option and delete the person forever from your Snapchat account. In case you are in camera mode, you will find a text bubble at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Tip 10# Make Filters your Friend

The filter section is undoubtedly one of the best reasons to use Snapchat for sexting. Filters added to the whole new experience of using the app for sexting over any other app.

From the bunny eye-look to getting full-on weird with the warp-y lens you can try various filters and keep the fun going. There is an arrow at the top right corner of the camera, click on it to change it to selfie mode. Then just hit the tiny circular button at the right of the camera button.

Tip 11# Live Chat while Sexting

Live Chat with Snapchat is like FaceTime on the iPhone and it is so far the best for sexting on Snapchat. So if you and your partner are up for having a live chat then you can use this new service of Snapchat.  So when the send button turns from yellow to blue, it indicates that even your partner is online on Snapchat. Now as both of you will hold the blue button simultaneously, a Snapchat live chat will start.

There is another feature that will save your thumb from hurting, just drag your icon to the lock sign at the lower middle of the screen. Now both your hands will be free and you will be able to continue your live chat.

Tip 12# Send a Sexy Selfie

Women love to take selfies and the reason is obvious. One thing we all should learn from them is to celebrate how awesome you look. Give the camera your best sexy pose and hit the send button. Your crush or partner will love it.

Like you can send them your morning selfie and caption it as #wokeuplikethis or digging into the bed with a blanket and more. I’m sure you would be having better ideas. So just bring out the sexy selfie queen and become a pro at sexting as well.

Tip 13# Keep the Passion Alive

As we have mentioned above any picture that you share or your chat disappears once you close it. This is another feature that makes your partner always wanting more. Since the pictures are taken in real-time and soon they disappear, one cannot go back and please themselves as and when they like. It makes the experience even hotter as your sexting partner is waiting for more.

So in case your crush or sexting partner asks for taking a screenshot of your picture, make him wait and keep the passion of your relationship alive.

Tip 14# Share your Snapchat username

If your sole purpose of being on Snapchat is sexting with strangers then you can share your username on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also on Tinder. You can create Snapchat buddies over here easily.

If people like you they will add you and you can start your flirting game. However there are chances of getting some unwanted attention, but thanks to the Block feature you can easily remove the person.

Tip 15# Get Silly with Filters

While sexy and hot pictures work magic in sexting, so do those silly and cute pictures. In case you have a sweet and cute side to your personality and being sexy for you is tough, then you can always go for the various cute filters on Snapchat.


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