Solid Waste Management - an Overview

What we have in the containers outside our beautiful houses here is what is called the general waste. This is the part that is not sorted out specifically in individual containers mistletoe mainly medicines that are collected here as different kinds of glass clinical waste, you see we have a lot of cardboard here soil packaging materials, batteries here, a few containers with the paper wastes. So, all the different kinds of materials are sorted into individual containers and then collected this here represents the local sorting facility. This is part of the collection system the not entirely in house collection system but but what we have locally, then trucks comes here, empty the containers and drive to the treatment facilities.

First of all, let's consider what waste actually is. Waste is essentially a leftover material for people, something I want to get rid of, something that doesn't really represent the value for me, this is waste.

The Waste Management System is defined in terms of four different parts

Waste can also be characterized as hazardous or non hazardous, and of course, households can have generate hazardous waste, but industries could also do that. So, there are different types of waste.

More details about solid waste management can be read in my blog

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