Different Moving Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Avoiding common moving mistakes can mean the difference between a stressful and a successful moving day. Since there's such a lot that must be done during the moving process, it is often easy to commit little mistakes that make an enormous impact on your move. To make sure your move pops without a hitch, remember these common moving mistakes and find out how you'll avoid them.

1. Not Hiring a Reputable mover

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2. Not Comparing Moving Estimates

After you’ve found a couple of reputable moving companies, it’s another common moving mistakes to not invite and compare estimates from them. Counting on the dimensions or your home and therefore the mover, moving companies will either perform an in-home estimate to offer you a quote or provide you with one online. The simplest thanks to find an excellent moving price is to match a minimum of three estimates. Once you’ve narrowed your search to top-notch moving companies, the estimates can assist you make the ultimate decision.

3. Not Consolidating Your Home Before Moving Day

One of the most expensive, and customary, moving mistakes is overpacking for the move to your new home. Not consolidating before a move is harmful on two fronts. First, it adds to the general cost of the move and second, it creates additional work when packing and unpacking. To make your consolidation efforts run smoothly, incorporate downsizing into your packing routine. Once you begin packing, make separate piles for items which will be sold, donated, or thrown away.

4. Not Labeling Moving Boxes

There are few things as frustrating as going to a replacement home and having to open every box just to seek out your toothbrush. Not planning for unpacking may be a common moving mistake that begins during the packing process. A touch of pre-planning when packing goes an extended way when you’re unpacking. to assist your future, self-unpack, use colored packing tape to designate each room and put a label that shows what sort of items are inside.

5. Packing Heavy, Breakable, and Prohibited Items

Whether it’s loading heavy items into cardboard boxes, scraping your new floor with a bit of furniture, or accidentally packing an item the mover can’t take, there are many common moving mistakes that involve packing. The great news is, with the proper know-how they're easy to avoid. While there’s nothing wrong with cardboard moving boxes, they’re not the proper tool for each job. After using them to pack lighter items, consider renting plastic bins for heavy objects.

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