Cenforce 120 Mg

What is Cenforce 120 mg Tablet?

Cenforce 120mg tablet

Since many years to ago the first time used in the United States of America rather than 2 years let in India and at that for this time this Cenforce 120 mg sale tablet are mainly prescribed by a physician because of perform into body and consistent result, and many people now are solved his ED by Cenforce 120 mg medicine.

How to work Cenforce 120 MG?

Cenforce 120 mg

How to take cenforce 120 MG?

Cenforce 120 MG

Side effects of Cenforce 120 Mg:

Sildenafil citrate pill may be cause some milder to severe issues if not taken carefully.

For the most of the headache, patients is the typical symptom, and its chances are high if you are a beginner.

Other dangerous side effects:

1. Dizziness

2. Diarrhea

3. Urinary tract infections

4. Sensitivity to light

5. Vision disturbances

6. Heartburn

7. Muscle aches

8. Hearing loss

9. Flushing

10. Nosebleed

11. Sleep disturbances

12. Fainting

What Precautions Are Required With Cenforce 120?

Cenforce 120 mg

o When you consume this pill of Cenforce 200, with a heavy meal, it is possible that this could slow down the absorption of the pill and so it may take a long time to act and than it normally would. As for it is advisable that you have this medicine on an empty stomach.

o This is because this allows the drug to properly dissolve in the bloodstream and give you the best possible results. Cenforce Always ensure that you keep your sildenafil citrate medicines safely stocked within their blister pack and until you want to use it.

o Also, ensure that you keep these pills in a place that is dry and cool, where the temperature is below 30 °C.

Cenforce 120 mg Dosage:

Missed Dose:

Take to the missed dose as soon as you thinking of. Cenforce 120 MG can be skipped if it nearly time for the next scheduled dose. The cenforce appy to conditions to like Pulmonary high blood pressure where the dose regimen is fixed.


Contact to the doctor Immediate if an overdose is suspected. If You can might require for immediate health check attention if the overdose is severe.

Storage :

Cenforce 120 mg pill store at area temperature in clean, dark and dry place. Be assured ged while purchasing.


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