What are the steps to inspect your cervical mucus and detect ovulation?

Cervical mucus is secreted by glands that are found around and in the cervix. Hormonal changes occur during the reproductive cycle and the consistency of the mucus. In other words, it is referred to as cervical fluids.

What is the role of cervical mucus?

● Cervical mucus stops things from entering the uterus through the cervix.

● From the cervix to the uterus, the sperm is nourished and transported.

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What do you need to know about ovulation and cervical mucus?

Along with BBT (Basal Body Temperature), you need to check the cervical mucus. With ovulation, the BBT increases due to the rise in hormones. To increase your conception chances you need to have intercourse before ovulation. Some of the possible changes which can be seen in the cervical mucus with time are:

● Menstruation

● Sticky or dry

● Creamy like lotion

● Watery and wet

● Raw egg white-like consistency

● It will again get sticky and dry

● Till the time menstruation comes back again

Ovulation is near when you notice the cervical mucus is raw egg white or wet consistency.

How to check your cervical mucus?

● Before you proceed, make sure to wash the hands.

● Make sure you are in a comfortable spot either you are sitting, standing, or squatting.

● With your middle finger or index finger reach the vagina. Depending on how you are producing, you will be able to get the cervix sample.

● Remove the finger and check the mucus consistency. Try to press it between your index finger and thumb & then move it apart.

● Along with BBT, you should keep track of cervical mucus.

What does the cervical mucus finding mean?

● Sticky

If your cervical mucus is sticky or you find it scant, then you are not ovulating.

● Creamy

If the cervical mucus is creamy then your ovulation is approaching. It will be the perfect time to conceive.

● Wet

When you press or stretch the mucus between the fingers and it is half an inch or more, it will be a raw egg white consistency and it means the fertile time. Your ovulation will occur anytime and you should have intercourse.

How should I check my cervical mucus?

● Do not check the cervical mucus after or during sex.

● After bowel movement checks the cervical mucus.

● Certain medications can affect the cervical fluid

● Once the menstruation is over, the cervical mucus will be fertile.

● Semen and cervical mucus are not the same

● Do not let the natural vaginal fluids go away

Keep track of the cervical mucus changes to detect ovulation and understand the fertility cycle. With time, you will understand it in a better manner, and then it will be a great helping tool to try to conceive.

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