Mailzapp Review

In this Mailzapp review, we are here to help you understand about the best usage case and software combination with the product. And that's where the content here is published today. As an email autoresponder app, the best combination should be an app that helps you increase conversion for your email marketing campaign, which is going to be introduced today.

1.MailZapp Review - Use it First

To start, the first thing to do is to create your email list. And you also need to verify your email address before you send.

At Mailzapp, you are not required to provide domain email, but, the existence of domain email will improve the professional of your sending information and it will have more chance to reach the primary tab instead of spam folder.

Now, you need to design your emails. We have three option, to use the code editor, to use their plain text editor or you use their drag & drop editor.

As the software introduced today to combine with Mailzapp is an email conversion boosting app, we use the Code Editor here.

2.MailZapp Review - Use with Email Videos Pro

To use the app Email Videos Pro, first of all, you need to provide a video. In case you can not find out and figure out a short video, you can use the template from the product creator.

And this is the in-built text + image customization video app. As we have the pre-done templates, you don't need to be creative to create a video here.

You have to do nothing, just edit the text and customize font, nothing else. Now, you can request for rendering by clicking the button Export in bottom right.

Once you already have a video, then, you have an embed code for it. And i suggest you to setup Open URL when people click your video, as a result, you get higher click through rate for your email marketing campaign. More click means you have more visit rate, more conversion and definitely more sales.

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