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In-ears are an excellent way to enjoy music in public. With Bluetooth technology is becoming increasingly popular, more people are buying wireless earbuds. However, many people use their in-ears incorrectly, making them less than effective at their job. We've tried over 150 sets of in-ear in-phones and most in-ears and wireless earbuds have worked poorly at best. If you are interested in wireless earbuds in general, check out our recommended recommendations for the top Bluetooth earbud brands.

best wireless earbuds

One of the biggest reasons why wireless earbuds fail for most users is poor battery life. The battery life on some products can be as short as just three hours. This means that you'll be waiting for a long time between charging your device and actually enjoying your favorite music. To get an idea of which brands have the longest battery lives, check out our full review on the best Bluetooth in-ears. While it's true that some of these products do have poor battery lives, the vast majority have great battery life.

Another reason why so many people find themselves dissatisfied with wireless earbuds is their inability to charge their devices using typical means. Most in-ears require that you connect the earphone to your car's cigarette lighter or to your vehicle's cigarette light. These methods aren't convenient, and they're incredibly inefficient when it comes to charging your battery. By selecting a pair that lets you charge via the car's cigarette light, or even from your device's cigarette port, you will save yourself hassle and improve battery life.

Wireless earbuds that offer noise-cancellation are well worth the money. Sound-cancelling is a feature that only the most expensive pair of wireless earbuds will have, but it's well worth getting if you want to enjoy your music to the fullest. Apple has the Airplay, Google the Kindle, as well as several other brands with this feature. The Amazon Kindle works with the new Kindle Fire, but it does require the use of a wireless Amazon Kindle charger. An in-ear model without this feature costs almost twice as much, but you can still find a great one for less than half the price. This type of earphone is also great for people who need constant sound clarity.

An in-ear model with Bluetooth also offers some big advantages over its competitor, the iPhone. The iPhone uses a standard wire to send audio to the headphones, but the Bluetooth technology lets you play any music you want while you are out driving in your car. If you like listening to music while exercising, the iPhone might be a good choice, but you will need to carry and wear headphones just to enjoy it. You'll barely notice the difference between your Beats powerboat wireless earbud and the iPhone, but it will make a huge difference in how you enjoy music.

Beats powerboat wireless earbuds feature an advanced acoustical design that ensures superior sound clarity and comfort. Unlike the previous version, the latest version has a closed back that eliminates most of the sound created by the padded speakers. The technology inside the earphones allows the engineers to reproduce external noise and bring it into the headphone speaker. This helps to eliminate most background sounds that can irritate many people.

Although you may have to pay a few extra dollars to go with this new version, they are worth every penny. Even if you don't workout or use a lot of loud music, you'll enjoy the sound clarity and comfort that come with using the new Beats powerboat earphones. In addition to the comfort that you get from wearing them, another benefit of this pair of Bluetooth earbud headphones is the convenience of being able to turn them on and off without turning off the music. This means that you can easily listen while you are driving, doing household chores, or any other task that requires focus. As expensive as the original model was, the new replay e8 2.0 wireless earbuds definitely offer a lot of value for just a little more money.

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