How can Pinterest help with running a successful profile on Instagram?

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But how is Pinterest related to all of these things? You see, not so many people have a budget that allows to hire a designer who’s going to take care of all the visual moments, while Instagram profile requires visually pleasing highlights, posts, profile picture and a general visual code that’s going to be associated with a certain person’s profile. And that’s where Pinterest content can really help: with no money put in, with no extra time wasted on that, with no nerves spent on explaining what exactly you want from the hired designer. 

First we would recommend you to look up the palets that Pinterest offers. Search them up using the search box at the top of the main page and you’ll be able to find various shades combined in one thematic template. Use them to choose the one that you’re going to hold by whilst organizing your profile. 

Then you can proceed to picking up the midgets for your highlights section — Pinterest users have also created tons of them, any style and any theme is there and you’re able to find them using keywords “Instagram highlights” in the same search box. Make sure to use the chosen palette and pick the ones that have a nicer resolution. Basically, it would be better if you’d find stories and posts templates right after that — you can pick at least 2-5 of them, and leave them for later when you’re going to post something on your renewed account. It’s important to keep things in one style to form that unique look that people are going to remember you by. 

And now the hardest part — you have to fit your bio and your profile picture to the palette and the templates that you have chosen. We’d recommend you using your actual photo for the profile picture and even if you don’t have studio photos on your hands you can always do something nice with your smartphone’s camera and an editing app. Today people love quirky and lowkey beautiful photos, which is why everyone can create something loveable without any professional equipment on their hands. 

The visuals aren’t it — when you’re going to proceed to posting, you have to create descriptions that will fit your style. And that’s where things can get a little harder: not so many people can feel their audience from the very start and can find the right words to bring everything they wanted to say up in a short and sincere form. So, practice! Right a post and then reread it shortly after, make some corrections and leave it hanging in your blueprints for a day. Then reread it once again and delete every word that seems excessive — that’s the only way that you can find your own unique style and learn to write as capricious as the bloggers who know their audience for years.

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