Baccarat is Simple to Learn and It's Easy to Lose Money at Online Casinos

Baccarat has been a highly popular casino favorite, particularly among those of Asian origin, who are often considered to be risk-takers with high stakes poker games. But with the advent of live and online dealer baccarat, even high stakes poker players can enjoy this classic, mostly known as James Bond for the thrill it gives, mostly made infamous by 007; specifically, in online casino games. Baccarat originated from Spain as a game similar to pokers, wherein a player places a bet and commits to it, with the winning hand being his winning ticket. Today, baccarat has been reinvented as a game on which real money is placed. The player bets and commits to a hand, and the objective of the game is to "beat" the dealer, winning the pot in the process. While, the goal of any poker game is to beat your own dealer, in online baccarat, the player only has to beat the dealer he is playing against.

In traditional baccarat one would play baccarat at casinos with dealers who had not only mastered the art of dealing, but also understood the card values of each card, and could always play that card before discarding it. Today, however, baccarat has been modernized to include a few more tricks that are designed to help a player win, while keeping from making him commit to a single hand. One such trick is called the "preparation trap," where a player knows that the banker is about to discard a specific card (in baccarat this card is called the "card of presence") and thus anticipates it so much that when it is revealed, the player places his bet accordingly. When the card is discarded, the player is alerted that the banker has a particular hand, and thus is forced to play that hand. If the player had been paying attention to the banker's card selection prior to the removal of this card, and thus could have played the card (preparation trap), then he may have won the hand.

Another way that players can win in baccarat involves a pre-flop strategy known as the "preparation bet." This is where a player either raises a lot of money early in the game, or bets a small amount on the first two cards that are dealt -in traditional baccarat this is called the banker's "turn." If these cards turn out to be high, meaning that there is a large majority of the board in either the winning or losing side, then the player who raised the most money (in preflop theory) will have to pay the banker double what he bet, since the majority of the money was made on the first two cards.

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In this same way, in most casino games the "turn" is used as an option for a player to either bet high or fold. If the first player chooses to bet, the dealer usually calls, and the player is dealt another card and dealt another round of betting. If the player decides to fold, the dealer calls again, and another round of betting begins.

In recent years the Internet has become a popular way to enjoy playing casino games online, and Baccarat can now be played for fun in the comfort of your own home. You will often find several Baccarat online gaming sites that offer players attractive, free betting entries or welcome bonuses. Free entries and welcome bonuses are essentially bonuses that you, the player, are given in order to encourage you to gamble with them. Although you will lose money at these sites, there is no physical risk involved, and it's not like walking into a casino with your hard-earned cash! You will still need to have the self discipline to stick to your original strategy of betting large, and carefully choosing your numbers.

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