Wouldn’t it be nice to have your email, calendar, and documents in one cohesive system? Google Apps provides these features and more to make your business communication and productivity efficient.

Gmail accounts

Google Docs is probably the second most important feature of Google Apps. Docs contains a host of features such as a Word Processor (think Microsoft Word), Presentation (Powerpoint alternative), Spreadsheet (Excel alternative), and a few other programs. Best of all, the documents are automatically saved in real-time to the Google servers, so you’ll never have to worry about losing any of your precious data. Any of these documents can be shared with other Google Apps users for viewing and editing. All editing is done in real-time, which means that team members can work on a document or spreadsheet together and see changes as they’re being made. Google Docs are exportable and importable in several formats to make offline editing easy and eliminates the need for PDF converters.

There are several other tools within the suite such as the Calendar where you can create events and tasks, and share them with other users to create invites and reminders. Google Sites allows you to create and share webpages with your team. Probably one of the most important features of Google Apps is the ability to sync Calendars and Gmail to several devices such as the Android or iPhone, to get reminders and make sure that you don’t miss any emails while away from the computer.

Google Apps is a free service for business that use 10 or less user accounts, and affordable pricing is available for larger businesses. We highly recommend that you check out the service – the integration of several features , makes productivity much more easier and efficient than using the normal slew of tools that require several programs (Outlook, Word, etc). For more information and to sign up for the service, check out Do you use Google Apps? Let us know in the comments!

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