Akha Ama Coffee in Thailand

Akha Ama Coffee was established on the 29th March 2010 with motivation of supporting local community by focusing on coffee production from cultivation to brewing. Akha Ama is grown by smallholders around the village of Maejantai at 1500 metres above sea level in the highland region of Northern Thailand. Akha is also the name of the indigenous people in the region, who are well accustomed to the cu...ltivation of highland crops. " Ama" is mother in the Akha language. This knowledge has been transferred to coffee growing and processing. Coffee growing started in 2000 and was integrated into farms where village's practice intercropping with plants like plum, persimmon, peach, apricot and vegetables. The coffee grown is an Arabica that picking and immediate wet processing is all done by hand, allowing careful grading and quality monitoring of all processes. Akha Ama operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment and the community. Cridit pic and information from Akha Ama Coffee /FB

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