Can Vegans Eat Chocolate?

Veganism lifestyle is consist of food, drink, dress and every aspects of life. Yes vegans don't eat meat, fish or eggs, they stay away from anything that includes cruelty.

So if you choose to be a vegan, you have to sacrifice most of your favorite foods, even it is chocolate.

At the early stage of my vegan life, I became frastrated when I come to know that, I can't eat chocolate anymore. :( Chocolate is my most favorite food on the planet.

I couldn't sleep for a couple of night thinking about chocolate. Even I thought, I should quit veganism.

You know, there is a solution for every problem. I started to research about vegan chocolates.

Then I found Veganfie, a complete vegan lifestyle magazine for a beginner like me. I found their guides about vegan chocolates.

this guide

Thanks for reading. Vegan for Life.

Hi this is Tracey, vegan solo traveler. I am in a mission to visit entire world alone and taste all the vegan foods.
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