Highly-Pursued CompTIA Certifications in South Africa


South Africa, is no doubt an important cynosure of technological advancement. There are many IT sectors in South Africa which include an uncountable number of professionals in it. Many people all over the globe invest money in South Africa in the field of technology. So, there is a great number of job opportunities that is expanding too. So, in order to avail such jobs, we suggest you have any of the following certifications.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ Training

The CompTIA Security+ Certification includes various scopes of study consisting of the network administration, implementation of the security infrastructure, and deploying access control for efficient control over the company's essential policies and standards. This certification, is no doubt, an asset for the beginners or the amateurs in the field of Information technology, as it strengthens the base of the interested candidate and helps them to boost their career to transform into an efficient IT Security expert. A person holding this certification in his or her curriculum vitae can get appointed in a proper job in any industry which demands potential services of as an expert in the field of cybersecurity.

CompTIA A+

It was during the year 1993 when the CompTIA A+ certification was started. However, to the utter surprise, we find that this particular course, in today's scenario, has earned great fame as a beginner course for a bright career in any industry related to Information Technology. This certification has gained wide acceptance all over as well. This a mandatory certification for those candidates who are interested in the hardware section of Information Technology. This certification endows on the interested candidates with all the necessary skills and expertise to continue as a computer technician. Anyone who successfully completes the examination, he or she shall be flooded with a stream of opportunities to excel his or her career.

By holding this certification, one inculcates the appropriate skills required to become a computer technician with wide and multiple operating systems which may include Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and a lot many. This certification is mostly and widely sought by among the newcomers who are interested in starting their career in the field of Information Technology. One more interesting fact about this is that this certification has been accepted all over the globe. It authenticates the skills of the professional related to technology.

CompTIA Network+ certification


This certification validates that the professional possesses deep and advanced knowledge and skills in installation, implementation, maintenance, and solving glitches of the network-based infrastructure and such other related security systems. This certification being a beneficial certificate for the beginners, it is suggested to the interested candidates to complete their respective CompTIA A+ certification before availing this particular certificate. There is also an alternative to this, which is harbouring an experience of about nine months as an Information Technology support person or network administration. However, such certification will pave one's career towards a better job position and assured success.

Those who are desirous to enhance their reach or widen the scope of platform for getting a job in South Africa, please do any of the A+ certification training. Such certification training will ensure you end up with a better job and a handsome salary in the information technology sector.


Thus, availing any of the above certificates, one is sure to get a job in the IT sector of South Africa. Not only that but can continue his or bright skills all across the world.

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